March 1982

Flying bodies with spikey hair and leather studded
jackets were the order of the day as Birmingham
based punk band
GBH played to Wolverhampton's
"Exile" venue then being based at the Connaught
Hotel, at the end of March.

The damage report included one stolen guitar, one smashed guitar, a couple of damaged amps and four or five people with cuts and 'bruises. Only one person had to go to hospital to receive fifteen stitches. He returned later to the gig.Apart from that most of the 150 plus crowd who paid 1.75p to see gig enjoyed themselves, one way or another. I arrived early at about six hoping to catch
GBH for an interview. I was annoyed,because my bodyguard had failed to show up, in the event I was assured by Jane Plimmer,"one of the promoters that "they're a very nice bunch of lads."
GBH comes from Birmingham. They consist of Colin who sings and plays guitar, Wilf on drums, Jock on guitar and Russ who plays bass. They have recently had a single well up in the independent charts called "No survivors,"  It is on the Potteries based "Clay Records." They do not want to be described as a punk, revival band.
"We're recording an album at the
moment which should be out at the
beginning of May, then we're going to
promote it and go on a national tour,"
says "Colin. "Before he started with the
GBH Colin used to make rings in a
Jewellers Shop. He wore a leather
studded jacket and had long - spikey
blonde - hair. He thinks the music
scene as a whole is dire at the
"You get bands like Tight Fit. They're
cunts, there's no other word for it.
They're tinny and insipid doing old
cover versions, Any old fool could do it.  You could just pick anyone out, and stick 'em in a loincloth and put them on Top Of The Pops, and let them sing songs.  There's nothing behind it."
The second mishap was when someone came running out saying that
GBH's guitar had been nicked and some speakers damaged. People started moving around trying to find out who had the guitar. I was on the door talking to one of the promoters, Andy Carley when someone came running out of the crowd inside and said, "There's fighting broken out everywhere inside." The bloke who had been glue-sniffing earlier went off to investigate. Some said that "Anarchy Sid" was in trouble.
Andy Carley turned to me and said "Street Promotions
takes no responsibility for this," in an authoritiive
Just as I was preparing to make an exit before the
police arrived the trouble seemed to clear up. I met a
few bands who seemed to have turned up
spontaeneously in the hope of doing support shows.
They were hopes that grew thinner as
continued to hog the stage.
One was called
SPG,  "It's nothing to do with, the police,
It stands for Skinhead Punk Group," they said.  They
consist of Andy, Darren, Lee and Paul who can be
contacted on 021 556 1605, "There's ..only a 'few
places you can play.'
GBH lead guitarist was sitting on the steps of the
Hotel next door trying to become used to a guitar he
had borrowed from "
Pulex Irritans" (Latin for fleas). It was not until about
10:l5 that
Stench came off having wrung the final groans from their
equipment, and
GBH, despite everything went on.
The crowd consisted mainly of punks with leather studded jacket. So
there were plenty of spikey hairs and also a fair smattering of skins, I
would call them "skunks." When
GBH started playing a fast and driving
bass dominated sound to start their set the crowd quite suddenly jerked
into being a violently pulsating mass who seemed to be jumping on each
other,  I clung to the back wall.
They played for about half an hour and the crowd then left, many
stumbling. People seemed happy enough and nobody asked for their
money back. The guy who had been walking around most of the
evening with a bloodstained hankerchief over one eye wandered off
into the night and
GBH left with their 100. This should provide a bit
towards replacing their lost 200 guitar. Just as what was left of the
equipment was being cleared away I encountered someone from
Stench.'"Give us a mention," he said, "Tell 'em we've got nowhere to

(DAVE TOKE (local Rock Journo) taken from his review in a
local music rag)
GBH outside the Exile March 1982 (DC Collection)
The Stench in technicolor (DC Collection)
Peter Paedophile seconds before he spat at the photographer (DC Collection)
'THE EXILE' was a shortlived Wolverhampton punk club named after a line in 'Anti' one of our songs and promoted by our management duo.

"A new venue in the area for alternative music and live entertainment 'has It's opening night on Friday March 12th from' 8pm.The Exile, on Tettenhall Road, next to the Connaught, will stage  punk bands Stench and, Pulex Irritans (Latin for Fleas) plus music from the early punk bands and artists in the indie charts."

"Another new music venue that is thriving, is the Punk revival venue called the Exile next to
the Connaught Hotel on the Tettenhall Road where punk bands play every Friday,
About 150 punks have turned up to see Iocal outfits like "Stench" as well as better known bands such as "GBH" in the last few weeks."
"Avril Lavigne. When i look at you i feel sick, really sick you disgust me......Stench (the Wolverhampton punk band) at the Connaught hotel showed me how punk rawk should be played, its a biological experience. The audience was a mixture of Men about town, skinheads, glue boys and Wolves casuals easy peasy violence served up with nasty riffs. Scary as anything i've ever done attending that gig. Blood flew that much it was like a spray in the air and when i came out of the gig (ok i ran away) the blood dried and stuck my hair flat to my head like a rampant Mr Bean. I asked Pete O'Shit lead singer with the band about Henry Rollins (my current fave band was Black Flag)......"Henry fucking Rollins?" he said."
(Annonymous witness ?)
Here's one of our popular live performances from March 1982, which was caught at all angles from disgruntled rock reviewers to young kids sprayed with blood....
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