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Foreword: Mesa is an OpenGL work-alike, written by Brian Paul and published under a BSD-style licence. Mesa is available at However, the term MesaFX (sometimes fxMesa) was "invented" to denote Mesa with 3dfx Glide built-in driver. That is, MesaFX is just a particular case of the Mesa library.

MesaFX environment variables. A must-read for any serious MesaFX user (any platform). Do NOT email me, until you have read this document thoroughly.


Yes, there is a DJGPP port for Mesa. It comes in two flavors, Software rendering and Glide mode (aka DMesaFX). Go and get it from Brian Paul's Mesa site.

It is maintained to this day, and should work out-of-the-box. However, note that DMesaFX needs DJGPP Glide3x.


I suppose you hit my page either by accident or just because you're looking for 3dfx acceleration under Linux. Either way, you should go to the official Mesa site. But before that, make sure you have the right Glide3x for your card. If you don't have it, go to my Glide page first.

Now, if you have a Voodoo3/4/5 card, you must compile the TDFX-DRI driver. See DRI official site for more info.

Conversely, if you have a Voodoo1/2 card, you must compile the Glide driver.

There is an old (but powerful) GLUT implementation, specially designed for Voodoo1/2 cards, made by Christopher Purnell. Unfortunately, it is not very well maintained, and since mr Purnell did not replied ot my emails, I am hosting here an updated version (GPL'ed as the original).


I am keeping here some precompiled MesaFX DLLs for Win32. Most often than not, this is the reason for you looking in this section.

MesaFX win32 DLL

MesaFX 13-sep-2004 win32 DLL to run Doom3

MesaFX prerelease 09-dec-2004 win32 DLL

MesaFX prerelease 15-feb-2005 win32 DLL
This prerelease works both in traditional mode (application's folder) and ICD mode (can replace 3dfxogl.dll - at your own risk). It fixes a few bugs (KotOR), but - due to lack of spare time - it does not contain everything I would have wanted to put in there. Thanks go to Roland Kleef, who sent me an original copy of KotOR game.

SWKotOR2 special DLL 02-mar-2005
Thanks go to Roland Kleef, who sent me an original copy of KotOR2 game.

Final release coming soon, quit bitching.
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