(Picture by Drhoz)
     The venom rat (Venenitheridum excruiciatus) is a large, plump, slow rodent almost completely oblivious to its surroundings. Protected from the many predators of its east Asian homerange by the streaks of pale hair down its sides, and its saliva.

    The hairs are highly absorbant, and are permeated by an unidentified oil from glands along the rat's sides. The few predators that have been observed trying to eat one of these rodents soon suffer severe stomach spasms and frothing at the mouth. Additionally, the rats' bite is now known to cause excruitiatingly painful swelling in any predator or mammalogist unlucky enough to be bitten.

    On the other hand, the animal does offer fair warning of its defenses - a striking black & white colour scheme (making it yet another mammal on or off Specworld to do so) and its habit of raising its coat impressively whenever it feels threatened.

(Text by Drhoz)
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