(Picture by Daniel Bensen)
    Australia is a land of many strange creatures, but none are as shrouded in mystery as the unassuming tingamarr.  The striped tingamarr (Tingamaroida nyahnya) is small, at less than a meter in length, and is the only non-chiropteran eutherian in Australia, making their very existence a puzzle, indeed.
    Crepuscular herbivores, tingamarrs graze upon grasses and low-growing foliage during the dawn and dusk, when predatory dinosaurs' eyes are less sensitive than the mammals' senses of smell and hearing.  Unlike the solitary Tazmanian tingamarr, striped tingamarrs travel in herds of about six individuals, sleeping in abandoned tortoise burrows, thickets, and anywhere else that offers suitable protection.
(Text by Daniel Bensen)
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