Africa is home to many primates, most of them small.  One of the most common of these mammals is the striped galago (p-Galago striatus), which lives in the highland forests of eastern Africa.  These 20 cm-long primates are crepuscular, most active at dusk and dawn, and subsist almost entirely on insects (though birds eggs and plant material may make up part of their diet).  The galago's opposable thumbs, large ears, and stereoscopic vision are perfect adaptations for life in the trees.

    Note: Spec's striped galagos are not merely similar to the galagos of our home timestream.  Many groups of animals, especially micro-fauna, do not greatly vary from one timestream to the other.  This fact does not illustrait any inherent destiny to evolution (a simple look at a balaenatheuthian squid disproves that theory), but cascading events do posses a certain inertia.

(Text by Daniel Bensen)
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