(Picture by João Boto)

São Tome Carpo of Paradise
(Paradisicarpo [Neopsicarpo] inexpectus)

    Residing in the mountainous steamy jungles of the São Tome Archipelago, and possibly Gabon, the Sao Tome Carpo of Paradise was unknown to science until it was discovered quite reacently by an American expedition with the precise aim of registering data concerning Paradise Pithecosaurs. This mountainous inaccessible habitat made it difficult to observe this species. However, one scientist was able to shoot and preserve one male specimen (now stored in the AMNH). The only thing we know for certain is its bubbly loud call.

    It doesn't wander in high canopies rather being closer to ground where it creates a display arena, cleaning all the debris present in a small forest floor area. This courting display was yet to be observed but if will be presumably similar to other Paradisicarpo species.

(Text by João Boto)
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