(Picture by Matti Aumala)
        The great herbivores of the South American pampas are the pseudosauropods and the dinoceratopsians, but no less magnificent are the panzertoitles (Loricachelonia atlas), the massive, horned turtles of the Neotropics.  These gentle giants plod staunchly across the plains, buldozing their way through shrubs and digging in the ground for tubers.  Panzertoitles are the largest terrestrial turtles on Spec, and the males quite commonly reach lengths of over two meters.

    With their crown of horns and long, club-like tails, panzertoitles can look quite menacing, but these turtles are actually quite pacific in temperment.  Their tails, reminiciant of the caudal weapons of the ankylosaurs, are generally only used during male-dominance battles.  However, nesting mothers (smaller and quicker than the males) are ferocoicly protective of their eggs, and it is only at this time when the species becomes dangerous.  Many an errosaurid who attempts to steal the eggs of a brooding panzertoitle has left the scene with a broken leg, if at all.

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