(Picture by Drhoz)
    The first mammalogists to explore Spec's Panamanian Isthmus were startled to discover the pangodillo (Echinomanis echinis) a creature that at first glance appeared to be a pangolin - a scaled anteater. Not only did the creature possess razor-sharp blade-like 'spikes' instead of the flat but very tough scales of the homeworld pangolins, it's mere existence in the New World, and simply *existing*, was a major puzzle.

    In the homeworld, the Pholidota were exclusively of Old-World in distribution on top of that, the order simply did not exsist in Specworld.

    Fortunately, after trapping and internal examination, the mammalogists could breath a sigh of relief - it was in fact, a kind of armadillo - a very strange, partly arboreal, ant and termite-eating spiny armadillo, but much more easily accepted than a Spec-Panamanian pangolin.

(Text by Drhoz)
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