(Picture by Daniel Bensen)
    The kikirin (Jimentoria vulgara) is an unusual balaclava-bird.  Most balaclavids eat nectar, but the jimentori (genus Jimentoria or "ground birds"), restricted to southern Korea and the islands of the Pacific Rim, are almost entirely insectivorous.  Jimentori occupy a generalized insectivore niche, and spend much of their time on the ground, probing the leaf-litter for grubs.

    Named for its rattling call, the kikirin is the most common of the jimentori, and ranges across the island of Japan, with infrequent accidentals on Kyushu and in Korea.  These birds are rather social, gathering into groups of roughly half-a-dozen to comb the forest floor for insects and millipedes.  Kikirin construct loosely-woven nests deep within thorny bushes, and are apt to be highly aggressive when defending their young.

(Text by Daniel Bensen)
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