(Picture by Daniel Bensen)
    The greater hmungo (Megahadrus titanus), a hadrosaurid and North America's largest herbivore, is an elephanine creature that ranges across the praries of North America.  Primarily grass-eaters, roam across the plains, churning up the earth with their flat-tipped bills and eating any vegitation they come across.

    Hmungos mate for life, and roam about the grasslands in pairs or in groups of immediate family.  The herds only collect during the mating season, when the unmated bulls engage in ritualized combat and pair up with the females.  Small as they are, hmungo family groups usually form the nucleus of much larger herds singers and viris.

    These enormous plant-eaters are also the principal food-source of the hawk-sized hmungo-swoops (Agilifuga rufa), a species of agilifugiid that feeds upon the flying insects flushed out of hiding by the hmungos' passage.

(Text by Daniel Bensen)
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