(Picture by João Boto)
    The fire muzzle toucan (Capistrorhynchus pyropygius), also known as fire mountain toucan, is a representative species of family Ramphastidae.  Fire muzzles live in mountainous areas, where thick tropical rainforests form perpetual foggy and wet environments. Humidity around there never gets below 90% and the consequences are already known. Many plant species grow there and provide food and nesting for this highly vocal species.

    While muzzle toucan species are extremely diverse in color, their beaks are all of similar shape, the lower mandible grows horny projections, somewhat like a muzzle. The size and shape of the muzzle vary within species and many cases of polymorphism are known altough males and females are usually identical.  These birds wander in small parties or in pairs and are not at all aggressive.  Skreecher-type arbronychosaurs are the principal predator of this species.

                                                                                                    (Text by João Boto)
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