(Picture by João Boto)

    The crimson seedcracker (Neopsitta sanguinea) is one representative species of a pithecosaurian sub-family known as Seedcrackers, comprising 2 different genera.

    This small species (15 cm in length) will build a cup nest of entangled grasses and often use soft feathers for lining it in the inside. As adaptations for living high in the forest canopy they have powerful limbs with big claws for efficient branch grasping. Possessing excellent eyesight and a advanced smell sense, crimson seedcrackers dwell primarily in the thick tropical forests of equatorial Africa. Male of the species sing a rich repertoire of melodies and are fiercely territorial, attacking any member of their species who sports more red plumage than they do.  Females are generally drabber versions of males.

(Text by João Boto)
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