(Picture by Daniel Bensen)
    Cacklers (Gracillarus gracillare) are ubiquitous across Spec's Indochina; their distinctive, laughter-like call rings from almost every treetop.  Drably-colored for a scyther, the cackler is an omnivore with definite carnivorous tendencies.  While these birds will eat fruit, and juveniles will occasionally drink nectar, the bulk of a cackler's diet is made up of small vertebrates, such as lizards, snakes, and mammals, with the occasional clutch of eggs thrown in for variety.

    Cacklers do not flock together as do their cousins, the long-fung, but travel as mated pairs or small families.  Like all scythers, cacklers nest in hollow tree-trunks, the female brooding over eggs or newly-hatched chicks, while the male and older siblings forage for food.

(Text by Daniel Bensen)
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