(Picture by Drhoz)
    The armatell (Carnodasypodis horridus) is a large (almost a metre long in some regions) burrowing, nocturnal carnivore.

    The species has am excellent sense of smell, and uses it to locate prey mammals and smaller reptiles. Prey is usually unearthed with the digging claws on the forefeet, and dispatched with a swift bite. Armatell teeth are, like those of other xenarthrans are naked dentine, but much sharper and more robust than most of the animal's kin.  These teeth grow slowly, but are strongly rooted in the gums and remain throughout the predator's life.  In fact, armatell lifespan is intimately linked with that of their teeth, as a toothless animal soon starves.

    Armatells dig extensive burrows that many other species will inhabit if abandoned, but are not social. Younger individuals may 'inherit' a set, but only after the current resident dies or is driven off.

(Text by Drhoz and Daniel Bensen)
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