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HighNoon Tuesday June 12,2001

YG_Rambo> ur not in SoL anymore?
InSaNeKlOwNe> nope quit
InSaNeKlOwNe> didnt you go read the ogb board?
YG_Rambo> nope
YG_Rambo> not lately
InSaNeKlOwNe> put my reasons up there for leaving
InSaNeKlOwNe> it has been up there for 2 weeks now
InSaNeKlOwNe> http://personaltouchcomm.net/phpBB/viewforum.php?forum=1&17
InSaNeKlOwNe> been looked at 98 times and only 5 replies lmao
CoR_JK_32> haha
YG_Rambo> lol
Zhunter_DR> nice game all
SNAFU44> gg all
PahPah_DR> gg
PahPah_DR> hehe
WAW_grumpyrick> gg all
PahPah_DR> I'm laughin too hard
HOT_STARtrouper> gg hehehehe
WAW_grumpyrick> lol
PahPah_DR> rick got me three times and would have had the 100 had he not shot snafu too
HOT_STARtrouper> hehehehe
HOT_STARtrouper> shay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PahPah_DR> my stomach hurts
WAW_grumpyrick> :)
PahPah_DR> from laughin
PahPah_DR> gg
PahPah_DR> that was fun
HOT_STARtrouper> y!!!
PahPah_DR> brb
PahPah_DR> thirsty
HOT_STARtrouper> make mine rum and coke!!!! :)
(Enter)> oneeyeddave
InSaNeKlOwNe> drinkin and operatin a mouse is not recommended by the surgeon general
Zhunter_DR> lol
HOT_STARtrouper> hahahaha
InSaNeKlOwNe> it is stated on the box that the mouse comes in
InSaNeKlOwNe> didnt you read it ?
(Exit)> WAW_skywalker
(Enter)> WAW_skywalker
HOT_STARtrouper> kant reed!!!
HOT_STARtrouper> :)
InSaNeKlOwNe> hey proto do i have a record of gags or boots on this nic yet?
Zhunter_DR> cant pay attention
InSaNeKlOwNe> or can you check that ?
InSaNeKlOwNe> last time i drank and operated a mouse the booger got away from me and went to some porn site uggggg
HOT_STARtrouper> hehehehehhe
InSaNeKlOwNe> talk about embarassin
PahPah_DR> Snipers come to 2
InSaNeKlOwNe> i mean the mouse goes to a site with pictures of other mouses
Lex_Demko> q
_Frances_> JK:)
InSaNeKlOwNe> i mean there was a ivory colored one
CoR_JK_32> Frances!!
InSaNeKlOwNe> one that was grey
InSaNeKlOwNe> one that was white
(Exit)> Evin_Rude
(Exit)> OOP_FlatOutlaw_
(Enter)> shotgunshorty
InSaNeKlOwNe> and even one that was in the shape of a jeff gordon nascar WAW_skywalker> waaaaaaaaaaaaaaw grumpy
_Frances_> sup bro?
CoR_JK_32> CoR Tryouts on 7!!~~~NO NewBs Or ALiAsEs!
(Enter)> OGB_Tommy_Gunnz
InSaNeKlOwNe> then how does anyone tryout for your clan?
WAW_skywalker> waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw tommy
CoR_JK_32> i think im gettin sick!
InSaNeKlOwNe> if aliases arent allowed
OGB_Tommy_Gunnz> hiya sky
PFH_TenTacos> does anybody know what map they are playing in game 1?
CoR_JK_32> ol= a bunch of aliases
InSaNeKlOwNe> cause everyone that chooses a name for the zone is
usin a alias
CoR_JK_32> its tough!
__TheDarkOne__> gg
CoR_JK_32> :P
(Enter)> BadCreek_
PFH_TenTacos> this is my real name klown
InSaNeKlOwNe> if you think about it do people call me this in real life?
PFH_TenTacos> hehehe
InSaNeKlOwNe> well ok except for tentacos
(Exit)> HrM_PriesT
PFH_TenTacos> you don't have a real life klown :)))
InSaNeKlOwNe> lol
WAW_grumpyrick> WaaaaaaaW hiyas tommyg
InSaNeKlOwNe> it is all based on a screen i think
CoR_JK_32> ehhe
InSaNeKlOwNe> or is it based on the shrooms i eat
InSaNeKlOwNe> mmmmm not for sure about that now
CoR_JK_32> or that...
(Exit)> +Protocol_Fear
InSaNeKlOwNe> maybe i outta go get me another one
(Exit)> Snake_BadGun
BaD_MoLS0n16> im dling that wanted1.5 thing
(Enter)> Kid_Kurry
BaD_MoLS0n16> 110 mbs!!!
HrM_GoDFaTHeR> dark one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
__TheDarkOne__> yes?
rant_5000> ack i cant stay awake
BaD_MoLS0n16> go rant it
CoR_JK_32> rant wasnt it ur bedtime an hour ago?
rant_5000> :(((
InSaNeKlOwNe> not a school night lmao
CoR_JK_32> lol
BaD_MoLS0n16> his mom is gonna spank him
rant_5000> i mean its BORING
CoR_JK_32> my mom used to BUt now im a BIG boy!
YG_Rambo> ahhhhh guys don't pick on rant
BadCreek_> SuP
InSaNeKlOwNe> notta
InSaNeKlOwNe> ok lets pick on rambone lol
rant_5000> Grrr
YG_Rambo> grrrr shroom
CoR_JK_32> lol
BadCreek_> rambone...nice name
InSaNeKlOwNe> well if i cant pick on him you are next
InSaNeKlOwNe> i could have said the other one
BaD_MoLS0n16> that wanted thing looks dope
InSaNeKlOwNe> you know
rant_5000> Bring it on punk
BaD_MoLS0n16> i dont care if it takes 6 hrs to dl
rant_5000> lol
YG_Rambo> shroom shut up about that already
InSaNeKlOwNe> lol callin me a punk
YG_Rambo> yea he is
YG_Rambo> pick on him now
InSaNeKlOwNe> rofl
YG_Rambo> lol
YG_Rambo> sorry rant
rant_5000> hehe
InSaNeKlOwNe> i am so hurt he called me a punk
YG_Rambo> i trying to get away
(Exit)> __TheDarkOne__
InSaNeKlOwNe> wow such a big word for someone
BadCreek_> you are a punk
rant_5000> i need a good laugh
InSaNeKlOwNe> lol creek
(Enter)> HrM_TheDarkOne
BadCreek_> punk mofo
(Exit)> OOP_Panhead
(Enter)> Bugsy_131
InSaNeKlOwNe> mofo punk
BadCreek_> lol
BadCreek_> dont make me beat yer punk ass
InSaNeKlOwNe> lol
InSaNeKlOwNe> bah
rant_5000> yawn
BadCreek_> lol
InSaNeKlOwNe> i dont have tfc though
(Enter)> MVG_leader1
BadCreek_> wth are you a sheep?
BadCreek_> bah?
BadCreek_> wtf is that
YG_Rambo> ROFL
InSaNeKlOwNe> lol
BadCreek_> :p
Bugsy_131> insane stfu
InSaNeKlOwNe> that is what your mom says to me creek lmao
BadCreek_> lol
rant_5000> lmao
BadCreek_> moo
Bugsy_131> you dumb fuck
InSaNeKlOwNe> oh bugsy please
InSaNeKlOwNe> lol yes that is a good one
InSaNeKlOwNe> say it again
Bugsy_131> another mommies boy lol
rant_5000> Whats up doc
InSaNeKlOwNe> that took alot of thought
rant_5000> lol
Bugsy_131> time to get a job dickhead
BadCreek_> hey did i say you could get outta yer cage bugys?
InSaNeKlOwNe> bugsy think of a really good slam would ya please
BadCreek_> dont make me get my leash
InSaNeKlOwNe> get a job mmmmmmmmmmm i work lol
Ed_Zona_0> lol lol lol = Tie Fighters aproaching!!
rant_5000> LMAO
InSaNeKlOwNe> so i guess i dont need a job
Bugsy_131> you cant live at mommy and daddy forever roflmao
InSaNeKlOwNe> already got one
CoR_JK_32> |o|
BaD_MoLS0n16> u know what is cool about the wanted mod the girl in it is hot not like mary in ols
CoR_JK_32> ahaha
InSaNeKlOwNe> lol molson
BadCreek_> lol
BaD_MoLS0n16> shes got a huge rack
CoR_JK_32> LMao
Bugsy_131> another pathetic loser lmao
HrM_GoDFaTHeR> dark one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BadCreek_> yea, a digital one
BadCreek_> mmm picksels
BaD_MoLS0n16> hey bugsy go kill yourself u homo
HrM_TheDarkOne> sup godfather
InSaNeKlOwNe> yes bugsy you speak the truth the almighty god truth
CoR_JK_32> darkone in HrM?
(Exit)> ToMBsToNe__X
HrM_GoDFaTHeR> yep
Bugsy_131> what an idiot HrM_TheDarkOne> yeah (Enter)> STK_MeLLoo
BadCreek_> lol
BaD_MoLS0n16> your an idiot shit head
BadCreek_> hes a tard
InSaNeKlOwNe> is that all you can do is call me a idiot?
rant_5000> now this is funny
(Enter)> ToMBsToNe__X
Bugsy_131> another one with the brain of a chimp
InSaNeKlOwNe> be original with a nic would ya
BadCreek_> ummm....
Bugsy_131> lmao
InSaNeKlOwNe> think of something creative bugsy
Bugsy_131> here we go again
InSaNeKlOwNe> i know you can do it
(Exit)> Sweets_850
rant_5000> so far it looks like creek is winning this battle
Bugsy_131> the name thing
ToMBsToNe__X> i froze Pike :(
InSaNeKlOwNe> come on bugsy you can do it
BadCreek_> i always do...then people steel it
TAD_PikeMan> i know
CoR_JK_32> screwwy rabbit
HrM_GoDFaTHeR> melloooooooooooooooooooooooo
BaD_MoLS0n16> bugsy what kind of fuckin faggot picks name like that
rant_5000> hehe
HrM_GoDFaTHeR> tricks are for kids
Bugsy_131> another dumb fuck living in the virtual world
CoR_JK_32> ohh
_Frances_> damn map
BaD_MoLS0n16> then get off the net u fuckin tard
(Exit)> WAW_grumpyrick
CoR_JK_32> extensive imagination
Bugsy_131> time to grow up insane
BaD_MoLS0n16> stfu
InSaNeKlOwNe> wow now that one was very thoughtful take you what about 10 seconds to come up with that?
BadCreek_> use SiT DoWN fer a week and suddenly everyone is saying it....so dont tell me to be origianal :p yall just cop my shit
Bugsy_131> your little world is getting smaller ROFLMAO
(Enter)> agarn
CoR_JK_32> <_____________copied Sit down
BadCreek_> yea
InSaNeKlOwNe> my little world?mmmmm
BadCreek_> queer
InSaNeKlOwNe> what is the little world i live in?
Bugsy_131> what a moron
BadCreek_> hmm
InSaNeKlOwNe> please tell me
CoR_JK_32> but i dont use it in gms w/ creek lol
(Exit)> CBO_Listerine
(Exit)> Loupbar45
rant_5000> ouch and its a double team
(Enter)> +DevilsWaltz
Bugsy_131> you ever dumb
BadCreek_> stfu ranthoe
InSaNeKlOwNe> please tell me more bugsy
(Enter)> OOP_FlatOutlaw_
rant_5000> haha
BaD_MoLS0n16> your dumb bugsy
InSaNeKlOwNe> tell me how moronic i am come on
Bugsy_131> poor baby
BaD_MoLS0n16> bitter mofo
BaD_MoLS0n16> come on the net and bitch
InSaNeKlOwNe> use that creative language you was usin before
BaD_MoLS0n16> get a life
BaD_MoLS0n16> loser
HrM_GoDFaTHeR> stk_mello doesnt hack i was kidding
(Enter)> +TO_CLEVER_4_YOU
BadCreek_> Fuck the second i say something wrong a danm op shows up
Bugsy_131> poor insane owe it
Doc_JeLLy> gg all
InSaNeKlOwNe> just cause a sysop came you dont have to be quiet now do ya
BadCreek_> shit 2 of em
BaD_MoLS0n16> all the sysops wow!
YG_Rambo> brb
rant_5000> uh oh
(Exit)> YG_Rambo
BadCreek_> oh well
InSaNeKlOwNe> lol creek
rant_5000> head for the hills
ToMBsToNe__X> PiKe GLaD game 5
BaD_MoLS0n16> yea the gags will come soon
InSaNeKlOwNe> come on bugsy talk to me
(Enter)> DHoliday
InSaNeKlOwNe> bugsy? did you lose your chat?
DOC_Routhich> ggall
(Exit)> SoothingCat4
(Exit)> Speeeddmon
(Exit)> IdaOakley
(Exit)> +TO_CLEVER_4_YOU
(Exit)> DOC_Routhich
(Exit)> agarn
(Exit)> Zhunter_DR
BaD_MoLS0n16> bugsy cat got your tongue?
rant_5000> he is in game
Gladiator__X> guess his virtual world just got a little bit smaller
(Exit)> Kid_Kurry
TAD_PikeMan> lol
InSaNeKlOwNe> lol glad
InSaNeKlOwNe> i think so
BaD_MoLS0n16> lol noto
BaD_MoLS0n16> that kid is a dolt
ToMBsToNe__X> Whats up Mols ?
ToMBsToNe__X> How goes it?
BaD_MoLS0n16> pretty good
BaD_MoLS0n16> u?
ToMBsToNe__X> kool
InSaNeKlOwNe> i seem to attract all kinds of fans just not for sure where they come from
ToMBsToNe__X> im doin good myself
BaD_MoLS0n16> right on
ToMBsToNe__X> not sure u want to klnow klown
InSaNeKlOwNe> lol
(Exit)> +DevilsWaltz
(Enter)> Candy_Bullets
(Enter)> BadBaby
(Enter)> SBD_PorkandBean
(Exit)> OOP_FlatOutlaw_
TAD_PikeMan> those ops was gay lol
Gladiator__X> hey badass
TAD_PikeMan> BABY!
BaD_MoLS0n16> who the hell is that bugsy fool
HrM_GoDFaTHeR> stk_mello dont hack he is to stupid he can bearly read
InSaNeKlOwNe> a alias most likely
BadBaby> Hey Pike
OGB_Hoss> gg all
BadBaby> Hey Gladi :P
(Exit)> coreymiller383
(Exit)> Bugsy_131
(Enter)> WAW_Molycoat
PFH_gringo60> gg yall
WAW_skywalker> waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw moly
OGB_Hoss> Hiya Sane !
STK_MeLLoo> hrm answer the zm
rant_5000> PPPooooorrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
PFH_RowdyRat> good looking map
InSaNeKlOwNe> {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{BABALICOUS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
OBC_EagleEye> hey ya moly
WAW_Molycoat> WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaW Skywalker!!
InSaNeKlOwNe> {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{PB}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
(Enter)> +wildNhotTigress
SBD_PorkandBean> gambittttttttttttttttt
BaD_MoLS0n16> another one
(Enter)> Zhunter_DR
Candy_Bullets> hey eagle :)
WAW_Molycoat> hiya Eagle!! ol pard
InSaNeKlOwNe> dang another one lol
Candy_Bullets> hey gringo :)
(Enter)> coreymiller383
BaD_MoLS0n16> how are u tonight sysop
PFH_gringo60> yeah good map for ctf i think
SBD_PorkandBean> Klowneeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BadBaby> KlowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnaaaaHHHHHH
OBC_EagleEye> hey ya candy
PFH_gringo60> heya Candy! =)
Candy_Bullets> hey insane :)
Gladiator__X> must be one of those auto zone names
InSaNeKlOwNe> hey
InSaNeKlOwNe> lol glad
(Enter)> Speeeddmon
BadCreek_> hey my fucken chats back....wooohooo
InSaNeKlOwNe> lol
InSaNeKlOwNe> was back rofl
BaD_MoLS0n16> lol
(Enter)> YG_Toxic
Gladiator__X> easy come easy go
BaD_MoLS0n16> hahaha
BadBaby> your fuken chat?
BadCreek_> yep
TAD_PikeMan> lol
InSaNeKlOwNe> roflmao
BadCreek_> its a special kind
ToMBsToNe__X> lol\
Gladiator__X> can you say that without violating my coc
BadBaby> hehe
Gladiator__X> i mean zone's coc
BadBaby> lol
BaD_MoLS0n16> youve upset my coc
Gladiator__X> hell our coc
ToMBsToNe__X> yeah
BadBaby> u nasty Gladi
CoR_JK_32> zone has a cock i mean coc?
TAD_PikeMan> who's coc?
ToMBsToNe__X> lol
Gladiator__X> zone's coc
(Exit)> coreymiller383
BadBaby> I DID NOT
BaD_MoLS0n16> bill gates coc?
TAD_PikeMan> thought the zone was a woman
CoR_JK_32> hehe
BadBaby> wildncold you're lying
TAD_PikeMan> must bea funky lookin coc
BadBaby> must be a girl
Gladiator__X> lol
ToMBsToNe__X> lmao
BadBaby> only a girl would pick a name like that
BadBaby> are you HO?
Gladiator__X> its a zone auto name
TAD_PikeMan> someone likes my coc
TAD_PikeMan> i mean the zone coc
ssn_21> gringo, sorry i couldnt join the game!
CoR_JK_32> lol
BaD_MoLS0n16> she is having hot flashes
BadBaby> the F word
Gladiator__X> they come up with some lame names
STK_MeLLoo> molson
BadBaby> hmmm...FRIG?
BadBaby> FRICK
(Enter)> Bugsy_131
BaD_MoLS0n16> and shes a tigress
STK_MeLLoo> so u believe me or what
BaD_MoLS0n16> what melloe
Gladiator__X> like honkeymilkdud402
ToMBsToNe__X> lol
STK_MeLLoo> u believe me?
(Exit)> +wildNhotTigress
STK_MeLLoo> godfather is a queer
BaD_MoLS0n16> lol
InSaNeKlOwNe> candy take off dnd
TAD_PikeMan> lol
STK_MeLLoo> he tried to say that bs
ToMBsToNe__X> whats wit all the damn sysops?
STK_MeLLoo> i swear i dont just want u to know
BaD_MoLS0n16> look melloo fuck off im not the one to talk to if u wanna join bad
BadBaby> *POUNCE*
ToMBsToNe__X> lol
Gladiator__X> lol
TAD_PikeMan> we made mr coc man go
TAD_PikeMan> another gay uncle fucker in bad
BaD_MoLS0n16> all the stk cheat
(Enter)> SBD_Hiro_
STK_MeLLoo> no no no
HrM_GoDFaTHeR> he doesnt i swear i made that up to pis him off
CoR_JK_32> for real
STK_MeLLoo> stk no cheat
ToMBsToNe__X> yes yes yes
Candy_Bullets> need ppl pn 1 duels
WAW_Molycoat> Eagle zm me
BaD_MoLS0n16> hey pike go fuckin die u worthless sack of bitter shit
TAD_PikeMan> stk is gay
STK_MeLLoo> HrM_GoDFaTHeR he doesnt i swear i made that up to pis him off
TAD_PikeMan> naaa
TAD_PikeMan> i like liveing
Gladiator__X> ahh man lol
(Enter)> CowboyDeath
BaD_MoLS0n16> your gay pike
ToMBsToNe__X> lol
TAD_PikeMan> how els can i tag you in your anus and post it on porn sites
CoR_JK_32> any gagn mista will ever create will have a Bad rep.
STK_MeLLoo> yea pike is
ToMBsToNe__X> hes not gay
ToMBsToNe__X> hes Bi
ToMBsToNe__X> :P
BaD_MoLS0n16> yes he is
TAD_PikeMan> melloo is mad since i beat em
BaD_MoLS0n16> hes a shim
BaD_MoLS0n16> both
TAD_PikeMan> and molson s just gay
BaD_MoLS0n16> wtf is TAD
STK_MeLLoo> u never beat me
STK_MeLLoo> wtf
ToMBsToNe__X> lol
Gladiator__X> which one is mista
STK_MeLLoo> i never played you
(Enter)> SwabLr
OGB_Hoss> TommyGgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
STK_MeLLoo> come to game 4 and get owned
InSaNeKlOwNe> hey bugsy type to me in the main moron
BaD_MoLS0n16> mello piss of man
Gladiator__X> lol
ToMBsToNe__X> lol
TAD_PikeMan> lol i seem to remember a 20-7 in bunks
STK_MeLLoo> i dont
STK_MeLLoo> come to 4
ToMBsToNe__X> haha
BaD_MoLS0n16> hey bugsy why dont u talk u shit head
TAD_PikeMan> but since your a mista wannabe you wont say that you lost
STK_MeLLoo> suck me off pike
STK_MeLLoo> come to 4 gay boy
BaD_MoLS0n16> hahahaha
ToMBsToNe__X> gayass
TAD_PikeMan> lol i was stk
USF_Josey_Wales> wow i've only had DSL on for 6 hours and already got hacked!!!!!
TAD_PikeMan> i was stk_twista
TAD_PikeMan> then i thought to myself
TAD_PikeMan> oh stk is gay
TAD_PikeMan> so i left
ToMBsToNe__X> y do u want a guy to suck u off Melloo?
STK_MeLLoo> lol
ToMBsToNe__X> what are u gay ?
ToMBsToNe__X> homo/
ToMBsToNe__X> ?
STK_MeLLoo> suck me off tomb
ToMBsToNe__X> queer?
BaD_MoLS0n16> at least we agree on one thing pike
Gladiator__X> gd it
HrM_GoDFaTHeR> mello is fucked up in the head
TAD_PikeMan> and stfu up choo gonna do?
BaD_MoLS0n16> stk is gay
Gladiator__X> everytime mista is in here
STK_MeLLoo> ur fucked up in the belly
STK_MeLLoo> fat ass
STK_MeLLoo> whore
Gladiator__X> always got to be talk about a guy boning another guy
Gladiator__X> gd it
TAD_PikeMan> a drive by on your fuckin tracter you hick?
BaD_MoLS0n16> omg
(Exit)> PFH_RowdyRat
InSaNeKlOwNe> bugsy message to me
(Enter)> PFH_RowdyRat
ToMBsToNe__X> naw Twista
BaD_MoLS0n16> bugys is a bitch suckin shrooms dick
STK_MeLLoo> AFK homos
Gladiator__X> ahh man pike lol
PFH_gringo60> wb Pard
ToMBsToNe__X> its his vacuum
Bugsy_131> STK DUMB FUCK
InSaNeKlOwNe> you got to get your act together soon, how long must your parents be embarrassed by your pathetic life wth is that
BaD_MoLS0n16> hahaha
ToMBsToNe__X> he gets a goooooood ride
BaD_MoLS0n16> bugsy u piece of shit
Bugsy_131> insane poor pathetic loser ROFLMAO
BaD_MoLS0n16> stfu
BaD_MoLS0n16> not funny asshole
InSaNeKlOwNe> aww i know who you are now lol
Bugsy_131> molson know where else to go lmao
BaD_MoLS0n16> your moms mit?
Bugsy_131> here we go again the alias crap lmao
WAC_Renolero_> why dont you guys go to a private chat room to cuss at each other?
BaD_MoLS0n16> yea your alias bitch
YG_Toxic> Game 9 plz yall come on in plz
TAD_PikeMan> he droped his tractor and put some 5's on it since he couldint get more since he is a poor hick
InSaNeKlOwNe> hey reno in do time a sysop will comeback
(Enter)> +Petes_Wicked
InSaNeKlOwNe> and both will be gagged
Bugsy_131> you are one dumb loser insane
InSaNeKlOwNe> see
TAD_PikeMan> he grabs 5 mph its insane
InSaNeKlOwNe> thanks bugsy
BaD_MoLS0n16> another sysop
BaD_MoLS0n16> man
rant_5000> uh oh
Gladiator__X> omg
Gladiator__X> this one is wicked
InSaNeKlOwNe> i am glad you care
BaD_MoLS0n16> pete is wicked
ToMBsToNe__X> boot the bastard
Bugsy_131> you have the same bedtime as proximo ROFLMAO
Gladiator__X> wicked is pete
BadBaby> hehe wickedpeter
ToMBsToNe__X> haha
Gladiator__X> lol
Bugsy_131> lol
BaD_MoLS0n16> we might get the gag
Bugsy_131> nighty nite littleboy insane
(Enter)> +_DaeDal_
BaD_MoLS0n16> but pete is so nice he wont do that right pete
(Exit)> Bugsy_131
BadBaby> dont let the peter gag you
BaD_MoLS0n16> another one
TAD_PikeMan> yawn
BaD_MoLS0n16> man
Gladiator__X> i wonder what he will attempt to gag us with
BadBaby> I broke the coc?
BadBaby> how?
Gladiator__X> yes
TAD_PikeMan> 2 count em 2 sysops
BadBaby> I said nothing wrong
TAD_PikeMan> do i have 3?
BaD_MoLS0n16> the zone commander noto
+_DaeDal_> ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
_Frances_> shit
BaD_MoLS0n16> wtf lol
BadBaby> pfffttt
InSaNeKlOwNe> bless you
_Frances_> lol
TAD_PikeMan> he is reading his coc
TAD_PikeMan> lol
(Enter)> +wildNhotTigress
TAD_PikeMan> the zone coc
BaD_MoLS0n16> omfg
(Exit)> JO_BOB_JR
_Frances_> whish one of u sent me message?
Gladiator__X> woah 3 sysops
BaD_MoLS0n16> this is cool
TAD_PikeMan> lol
_Frances_> shit
Gladiator__X> im getting sooo hot
InSaNeKlOwNe> wow and i didnt do anything
PFH_gringo60> yeah!!!! sysops!
BaD_MoLS0n16> do we have 4??
(Enter)> WAW_Last1Stndin
TAD_PikeMan> makes me feel all tingly
BaD_MoLS0n16> come one 4
+_DaeDal_> Sup Tigs
BaD_MoLS0n16> someone get another
TAD_PikeMan> lol
BaD_MoLS0n16> lol that sysop is down
TAD_PikeMan> all he syys is sup tigs
BaD_MoLS0n16> sup tig
TAD_PikeMan> klol
CoR_JK_32> haha
ToMBsToNe__X> hehw
+wildNhotTigress> _Frances_ you have a lot of free time, go read CoC
OGB_Hoss> bb in a few
Doc_Briandms> gg all....
InSaNeKlOwNe> lmao
ToMBsToNe__X> lol
+_DaeDal_> �� The Code of Conduct for the Zone can be found at - http://zone.msn.com/zzzz/help/zonehelpcodeofconduct.asp ��
Gladiator__X> lol
BaD_MoLS0n16> and suck it
ToMBsToNe__X> boot his ass
(Exit)> OGB_Hoss
ToMBsToNe__X> i mean
ToMBsToNe__X> butt
BaD_MoLS0n16> na na na na
TAD_PikeMan> lol he wants to read my coc
ToMBsToNe__X> my bad
+wildNhotTigress> watch the language or CoC page is gonna be busy!
ToMBsToNe__X> reflex
InSaNeKlOwNe> you can go read it now also tomb
BaD_MoLS0n16> u mean rectum
ToMBsToNe__X> lol Tig
ToMBsToNe__X> im ok Klown
Gladiator__X> what makes you think we read it when we get banned? lol
orangesaber1> Play outlaws online at http://www.zone.msn.com/outlaws/ Fun fun fun!!!
BaD_MoLS0n16> lol i dont read anything about coc
TAD_PikeMan> wait my CoC
Gladiator__X> wanna read my coc?
TAD_PikeMan> how was i messing with the coc
InSaNeKlOwNe> has it memorized lmao
ToMBsToNe__X> lol
ToMBsToNe__X> lol
ToMBsToNe__X> lol
TAD_PikeMan> i got this lame msg telling me i am
TAD_PikeMan> so what did i do
BaD_MoLS0n16> me coc goes a little something like this
BaD_MoLS0n16> cuss lots
ToMBsToNe__X> NO i DONT wanna red ur coc Gladi
(Enter)> BiG_HerculesX
orangesaber1> I violated the Zone's CoC a few days ago... now I feel dirty :D
ToMBsToNe__X> read
Gladiator__X> yo herc
ToMBsToNe__X> HeeeeeeeeeerC!
BaD_MoLS0n16> u guys should read what i wrote on my coc
CoR_JK_32> lol
Gladiator__X> haha
TAD_PikeMan> i feel so...so used
BaD_MoLS0n16> its a long coc i let me tell u
Doc_Briandms> ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
InSaNeKlOwNe> you boys are pushin the buttons and on the verge of
getting gagged or booted
BaD_MoLS0n16> prolly
BiG_HerculesX> hey sup!
Gladiator__X> lol
+_DaeDal_> sup hey
orangesaber1> I like pushing buttons.
BaD_MoLS0n16> frances got 60 mins hahaha
orangesaber1> it makes things happen.
TAD_PikeMan> lets get a tat on the zone CoC
Gladiator__X> 100 bucks says he is in the refrigerator
Doc_Briandms> I love it!!!!!!!
BaD_MoLS0n16> is frances a fat mess??
(Exit)> SBD_Hiro_
Gladiator__X> dunno i heard dat... dunno though
(Enter)> SBD_Hiro_
BaD_MoLS0n16> lol
OBC_EagleEye> hey ya last1
+wildNhotTigress> plz quit misusing the word CoC or i will start gagging
Doc_Briandms> hey eagle!!!!
BaD_MoLS0n16> on my coc?
ToMBsToNe__X> lol
CoR_JK_32> LOL
ToMBsToNe__X> my coc is good to eat
OBC_EagleEye> hey ya doc
InSaNeKlOwNe> nice chattin molson lol
ToMBsToNe__X> i mean read
CoR_JK_32> ohh tomb
CoR_JK_32> nasty
(Exit)> clippy_420
WAW_Molycoat> Eagle zm me
TAD_PikeMan> HEY!
TAD_PikeMan> we talking bout the CoC of the zone!
TAD_PikeMan> dont get sassy over a CoC!!
(Exit)> doragdude0
OBC_EagleEye> i can't lol
ToMBsToNe__X> lLAMO!
WAW_Molycoat> oh ok hehe
Doc_Briandms> is the eagle man there.......
+wildNhotTigress> if used in the wrong way it is innappropriate & cause for action
OSL_DIENOW> wow that amny +mems
OBC_EagleEye> it's down trying to get it back on
CoR_JK_32> the zone CoC is too long < i dont wanna read all that
WAW_Molycoat> np
(Enter)> jtwolf
Gladiator__X> *plop* hits sysop in the forehead with his 12 inch pecker HERE is a good violation of my coc you gay fucking homos... be right back bitch LOL FEEL THE POWER OF MY COC AND BLOW IT
(Exit)> Gladiator__X
(Exit)> holebanger0
+wildNhotTigress> Gladiator__X *waves bye*
TAD_PikeMan> yea see
TAD_PikeMan> zones coc is to long so he dont wanna read it
TAD_PikeMan> lol
+_DaeDal_> lol
TAD_PikeMan> he will be back
TAD_PikeMan> its called unban proggie
BadBaby> ha ha ha...that's so funny
BadBaby> NOT
(Enter)> WAC_Molsonolero
TAD_PikeMan> give em o say.. 2 min and he iwll be back
WAW_Molycoat> lol Molson
(Enter)> OGB_Martone
(Exit)> DHoliday
PahPah_DR> gg
SNAFU44> gg all
WAW_skywalker> waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw mart
Zhunter_DR> gg all
PFH_TenTacos> seems a bit fascist but oh well
PahPah_DR> couldn't stop the trouper tonite
Speeeddmon> gg
PahPah_DR> gg
(Exit)> TAD_PikeMan
Zhunter_DR> fun game
OGB_Martone> and stuff ya lagga sky :-)
WAW_Molycoat> heya Martone waw and stuff, dude
WAW_skywalker> lol
OGB_Martone> Mr Moly
HOT_STARtrouper> gg all!!!!
(Exit)> _Frances_
PahPah_DR> good shootin trouper
HOT_STARtrouper> tkx :)
OGB_Martone> hmm looks like I missed the excitement
OGB_Martone> good
(Enter)> jbyrdbrown
(Enter)> TAD_PikeMan
DTG_Shayna> gg there Ten
(Exit)> SNAFU44
DTG_Shayna> Pah !!!!!!!!!
HOT_STARtrouper> NIGHT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DTG_Shayna> Trouper !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OGB_Martone> {{{{{{{{{{{ Shayna }}}}}}}}}}}}}
PFH_TenTacos> yeah ya got me right at the end
PahPah_DR> niters trouper
PFH_TenTacos> good shootin
DTG_Shayna> {{{{{{{{{ Martone }}}}}}}
PahPah_DR> {{{{{{{{{{{Shay}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
HOT_STARtrouper> SHAY!!!!
WAC_Renolero_> .
DTG_Shayna> thanks Ten...:)
OGB_Martone> what happened to your ping Shay? before it was 35 now it's 65
OGB_Martone> LOL
DTG_Shayna> hehehehe, its tired Martone...
(Exit)> HOT_STARtrouper
(Exit)> WAC_Molsonolero
TAD_PikeMan> molson got into wac?
(Exit)> SwabLr
(Enter)> SwabLr
WAC_Renolero_> in his dreams
(Enter)> TAD_Beowulf
(Exit)> OBC_EagleEye
+Petes_Wicked> .
(Enter)> asheggins
(Exit)> jbyrdbrown
BaD_MoLS0n16> wac is gat
(Exit)> asheggins
(Exit)> +Petes_Wicked
BaD_MoLS0n16> gay too
WAC_Renolero_> thanx fer sharing Molson
HrM_TheDarkOne> gg
STK_MeLLoo> gg all
(Exit)> +_DaeDal_
DTG_Shayna> hehe
BaD_MoLS0n16> np
TAD_PikeMan> molson
TAD_PikeMan> you got jacked
(Exit)> STK_MeLLoo
BaD_MoLS0n16> is that right
HrM_GoDFaTHeR> gg
(Exit)> SBD_PorkandBean
(Enter)> SBD_PorkandBean
(Enter)> Bugsy_131
PahPah_DR> Cannonball @2
BaD_MoLS0n16> these sysops dont realize people have anitban programs
BaD_MoLS0n16> its impossible to get banned
(Exit)> Runaway_Jim
(Exit)> Ed_Zona_0
BaD_MoLS0n16> u hear me son
Bugsy_131> they dont have to worry with players like you figuring out how to use them lmao
HrM_TheDarkOne> who don't have the unbanner
OGB_Martone> I don
OGB_Martone> don
OGB_Martone> don't
(Enter)> Ed_Mais
OGB_Martone> don't need it
WAW_Molycoat> http://www.geocities.com/outlawsblastingcrew/
BaD_MoLS0n16> martone is a strait shooter
BaD_MoLS0n16> he doesnt require an antiban proggy
Bugsy_131> straight
OGB_Martone> I wish I was I might get more kills that way
BaD_MoLS0n16> but shifty mofos like us
BaD_MoLS0n16> we need it
HrM_TheDarkOne> tru
WAW_Molycoat> Martone that article was fantastic reading... that grs thing
(Exit)> orangesaber1
WAC_Renolero_> hiya Moly!
OGB_Martone> don't give me credit :) I just posted the link
WAC_Renolero_> hi P&B
WAW_Molycoat> hi Reno ol friend :-)
OGB_Martone> and I got that from Magnum
(Enter)> WAW_Buffalofred
BaD_MoLS0n16> hey u guys ever read the story of the last DM ever in Repair when james shags mary to death lol
SBD_PorkandBean> hi ya's Reno
OGB_Martone> and the HSS site had the link up before I did
(Enter)> __InSoLeNcE__
(Exit)> +wildNhotTigress
WAW_Buffalofred> g'dayz:)
OGB_Martone> the HSS site is a GREAT site imo
OGB_Martone> not just for OL tho
WAW_skywalker> waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw fred
SBD_PorkandBean> freddothejellyfishhunter!!
WAW_Molycoat> yeah but see I frequent yer site hehe
BaD_MoLS0n16> im gone
OGB_Martone> makes me wanna quit webmastering LOL
(Exit)> BaD_MoLS0n16
WAW_Buffalofred> ya spectacular speckickle menda
WAW_Molycoat> heya Buffalofredski :-)
(Enter)> ELCobra1_DR
WAW_Buffalofred> ma hat ma coat:)
WAW_Molycoat> :-)
(Exit)> Ed_Mais
SBD_PorkandBean> hehe
OGB_Martone> http://www.highspeedsteel.org/
HrM_GoDFaTHeR> anyone want to get there ass fucking beat
OGB_Martone> check that out Moly

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