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 Note: I no longer maintain this Site. The major surnames on this site are: Robinson, Hudnall, Bolin, Chase, Rebich, Shellenbarger, Dietzel. Above are links to the main family branches. They include ancestor reports, photos, research material and other misc. items.   Click here to view my GEDCOM file.  It contains all my surnames with notes.

     My father is Ulmont E. Robinson, son of Vick Robinson and Emma Belle Hudnall.
Main surnames: Robinson, Hudnall, Chase, Bolin, Merrill.
    My mother is Violet Rebich, daughter of George Rebich and Sara Mirich.
Main surnames: Rebich, Mirich.
    My wife is Patricia Shellenbarger, daughter of Gene Shellenbarger and Margaret Dietzel.  Main surnames: Shellenbarger, Dietzel, McCalla, Fuller.

     The information contained within is a combination of word of mouth, e-mails, documents. etc. I am in a continuing process of correcting, updating and adding references to the contents. If I have missed referencing someone I apologize, and if you contact me I will make the necessary corrections. Please be aware that there are sometimes differing opinions on what the facts are in Genealogy so please use the information on this website with this in mind .
    I wish to thank the many people who have contributed to this website. Their names are listed on the respective surname page.
    The information on this website is the property of its contributors. Though you are free to use this material for your personal use, it is not to be used for commercial purposes.

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