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The Prinnets Penyedia Layanan jasa penyelamatan data SERVER ( SAS, SATA, SCSI,SSDs), IDE, NAS Storage, PC,LAPTOP, Memori, FD, MSD, SDHC, TABLET, CCTV, SSD, USB, External Harddisk dll. Telah banyak perusahaan baik Asing , Swasta, maupun Instansi pemerintah, Universitas, maupun perorangan, yang telah mempercayakan pekerjaan penyelamatan datanya maupun penyelamatan data Servernya pada Team Datarecovery Kami. Kami menawarkan solusi penyelamatan data HARDDISK dan SERVER, dan media lainnya , yang terbaik untuk memecahkan masalah kehilangan data anda.

The Prinnets Service Providers of Data Saving SERVER (SAS, SATA, SCSI, SSDs), IDE, NAS Storage, PC, LAPTOP, Memory, FD, MSD, SDHC, TABLET, CCTV, SSD, USB, External Harddisk etc. Many foreign, private, and government agencies, universities and individuals have been entrusted with their data rescue work and Data Server rescue to our Datarecovery Team. We offer HARDDISK and SERVER data rescue solutions, and other media, best to solve your data loss problems.

You will never know when the data on the server or storage media is in trouble , perhaps in need of precisely when the data on the server or storage media is in trouble , in case something like this you do not need to panic , please contact us to get your data. We can rescue your failed data server, whether Windows server, Linux server ,NOVELL NETWARE or MACINTOSH, Solaris, BSD , any other Unix variant with 24 hour service. We offer the best data recovery solution to solve the problem of data loss on your company server , etc . Many important data is lost or damaged very destabilizing companies. For data rescue ,we serve the entire territory of Indonesia and for the outside JABODETABEK, send your harddisk or your SERVER, NAS STORAGE, via TIKI , JNE or other courier services .

We Accept Data Recovery From All Server Failure Situations :
Multiple server and/or RAID drive failure. RAID controller failure or failed controller no longer available. Failed RAID controller firmware upgrades. RAID device not ready. Un-mountable volume i.e. after a power failure or where more than one drive failed in a RAID set. Primary hard disk failure. Server device not ready. Inaccessible boot device. Unable to access drive "X". Device not ready, reading drive "X". NTLDR is missing. Operating system not found / missing operating system. The BIOS recognizes the drive but with garbage parameters. The BIOS recognizes the drive but the data is inaccessible. Improper drive or media replacement. Fire/Water Damage. The drive reports bad sectors. Corrupt data. Formatted, Fdisked, partially re-loaded hard disk drives. Server or RAID device won't boot. Corrupted parity/data drive. Accidental/Intentional deleted partition. Incomplete and/or partial server rebuilds. Grinding or clacking noises, normally associated with electro-mechanical failure. The drive no longer recognized by the BIOS after rebooting, despite the platters spinning.
And Data Recovery from All Raid Configurations :

We are ready 24 hours (Contact Us at : 085718090201 or 081513444599) to save your important data, because the data is priceless asset of its price, with data You can take decision for the progress of your company.

And other Services : Consulting, Web Design, Etc.