The Garrett Game

Welcome To My Nightmare

The Story So Far: You are Garrett. Someone has been plaguing your dreams and now you must find him/her and give him/her the ass-kicking of a lifetime!

About The Game: Another total conversion for the Wolf3d demo (exe file included in download). Your weapons range from sword to an 'Anti-White' lazer gun (Anti-White Inc. makes the best lazer guns... everyone knows that). Just like always there are ten levels.

HeHeHe A dead body and my trusty sword
Almost to level 2! HeHeHe
HeHeHe A spooky statue of evil
Me getting killed HeHeHe
HeHeHe Freaky walls
An enemy... HeHeHe
HeHeHe Another enemy...
A room with some carnage HeHeHe

Now that you know about it: Download TGG!

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