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Site: Badmovies.org
Film Reviewed: Battle Queen 2020
Review ExcerptThe factions are supposed to be fighting a winter war against each other; both sides wear white suits to blend into the snowy landscape, but the snowmobiles are gloss black! And they're just snowmobiles. They don't have rockets or machineguns mounted above the skis or anything of that sort.

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Film Reviewed: Care Bears Nutcracker Suite
Review Excerpt: "If there is one thing I donít like itís a Care Bear.  My wife seems to have a rather unhealthy addiction to their nonsense.  She had them as a little girl and when the 80s became retro (retroÖChrist Iím getting old) she went out and bought several of the re-releases.  Luckily, theyíre sitting in a room I seldom enter."

Site: Shadow's B-Movie Graveyard
Film Reviewed: Silent Night Deadly, Night
Review Excerpt: BAM! BAM! BAM! Bloody holes appear in Santaís back and he falls to the ground. A nun comes running out and yells for the kids to get inside. Not a single one of them seems upset by having witnessed Santa being blown away. There is no crying or sobbing as all the kids run back inside. My guess is that thinking Santa is dead, they are all glad that they wonít have to write those thank-you notes for their presents.

Site: Tomb Of Anubis
Film ReviewedSatan Claws
Reviewe Excerpt "A struggling actor named Steve takes a job dressing in a Santa suit and panhandling donations for the local kiddie institution. Wanna know why he's a struggling actor? Because he can't act. It turns out you need to be able to do that if you want to be a successful actor. Go figure. Of course now he has something in common with the rest of the cast."
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