Hi there, welcome to my website. No matter how randomly you found yourself here, please take a gander at the projects I've accomplished. If you have any comments or requests, please e-mail me: darkcecil13 at yahoo dot com - While you're at it, visit my OverClocked ReMix page: http://www.ocremix.org/remixer/darkcecil13/

Enjoy your stay - M. Tom Mruzik [last updated 12/04/06]

My Projects Lang. & Libraries Project Began Last Update Dev. Stage Description
Anti-Aliasing App C++/Allegro 10/26/06 12/04/2006 Final Fun visualization application with a ton of different features. Takes full advantage of your processor (may be useful for benchmarking).

Peruse the readme for a full list of commands. Source included.

Super Dungeon 2 C++/Allegro Early 06 11/11/2006 Beta Sequel to my original IRC-based MMORPG Super Dungeon. Plan on actually finishing this, unlike my graphically-focused FF4-Type RPG.
SNES-Styled RPG C++/Allegro Early 05 11/06/2006 Beta SNES-styled RPG. No longer in development due to the project goal being out of reach given my resources. If I had a dedicated artist, I would surely resume development.
Rock Dodge C++/Allegro 01/xx/04 01/09/04 Final Extremely addicting little game I wrote in C++ using the Allegro game library. Try to beat my high score of 710.
Super Dungeon mIRC Scripting Early 02 04/02/2006 Final IRC-based turn-based RPG I wrote 90% of in Spring of 2002. Features over 25 hours of single player gameplay, a dueling ground for battles between human players, graphical ASCII world-map, class system, magic upgrades, dungeons/caves, 100s of items, 100s of monsters.

Visit #aurous (my channel) at irc.slacknet.org if you wish to play. Go to the mIRC Website to download software to connect to IRC.

Potion Wars mIRC Scripting Summer 2001 12/xx/2006 Final The only way to have any idea what this game is about is to actually play it. Highly popular IRC-based strategy/RPG game.

Once again: visit #coolness at irc.enterthegame.com

Super Dungeon 2 tidbits:
Focus on game balance!
ASCII graphical world map
8 unique player classes
4 player party
5 basic stats (Strength, Vitality, Wisdom, Courage, Agility)
Active Time Battle (based on courage values of players/enemies)
Active Time Battle circular display (shows relative positions of turns in real time)
Leveling up system (gain HP/MP/stat points/[skill points-soon])
6 functional equipment slots on each player.
Easy to add new, unique equipment.
Easy to add new enemies.
Poison status ailment (more later)
Basic magic engine almost done!
Adjustable resolution/full screen/windowed modes
Running/Defense battle options fully implemented. Running works 100% of the time currently, but all party members lose 50 energy [energy gain is based on courage. Energy CAN go negative. 100 energy = YOUR TURN. Defending nets a 10% increase in HP based on MaxHP and puts you at 25 energy.

SNES-Styled RPG Features:
Classic SNES-Style World Map (with mountains, forests, and FLOWING WATER!)
Active Time Battle system
4-player party
5 very balanced player stats (Strength, Defense, Speed, Vitality, Magic)
Magic (currently four spells)
Enemies (currently 8, a breeze to add more)
Custom enemy groups
Cool character customization on level up
Save/Load Features

Upcoming soon [ie. never]:
The first town (somewhat done, actually)
Magic upgrades
More spell effect animations
All types of equipment

RPG.exe Screenshots:
World Map near a Town
Caves and mountains
Getting attacked by a wolf pack
Healing spell animation
Too bad you're dead, Zombo!
Mmm... Which stats to upgrade?
Getting PWNED by a Quill Rat
Sexy equipment screen
Main menu screen

Old Games I've Written In C++

Gradius X - You like Gradius? You know you do. This is the beginning of a Gradius-like game I started back in late Winter. I just decided to upload it here. - 6/2/04
Got Bored - Check this out! I got bored! It'd be cool to set this as a screen saver. - 1/9/04
Lame Battle Engine - My first real console app. - 12/27/03
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