Dark Angel: Heaven?

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UPDATE: 03/07/01
I'm back, but not for long. I added more manticore kids. Feel free to create more than one. Be for warned that I will soon be going on a vacation, so I will not be updating (that's bad), but I should be able to relax enough to overcome my writer's block, and finish my story so I can post when I return (that's good.) Have fun and enjoy. By the way, last time I checked only two people had voted, so vote. So far it's 100% for writing group storieees, so maybe we should do it. All those people who have made characterss, should vote, its their characters being used. Vote, it will be a great present for me when I return from my trip.


FanfictionThis one pretty much explains itself.

Episode Guide A summary of every and all Dark Angel show, with some spoilers for upcoming shows.

The Manticore Files The way I figure, there had to ber more than just twelve Manticore kids, so why don't you create one?

News An update on what is going on with the show, in the news.

Links & WebringsA passage to the other great Dark Angel sites out there.

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Heavens Questions
Should we (the fans) start a fanfiction ring with our own characters?


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