( ANECDOTE # 2 )

One of the things I was proud from young was to have a very good sight. I could see without difficulties that Epsilon Lirae was a double star (separation approximately 210"), and I leave you imagine my satisfaction when I could prove it with a telescope!

But the years pass, and the sight goes unfortunately getting worse. Arrived to the 40, I realized that I needed a pair of glasses.

Acquired the first ones, I realized soon that it was a slavery and resolved my problem only partially: to the distance of 30 cm. I saw well, but at different distances (25 cm / 35 cm) I saw badly. The conclusion was immediate: I need a pair of bifocal lenses !!

But how ugly they were! They aged me, and resolved my problem still partially!

What to do then? other obvious solution: a pair of trifocal lenses!!!
more ugly, and still inadequate !

I was already thinking in a pair of pentafocal lenses: 
but: who would have made them for me, and which have would been the result? A stratified world ?

And just switched on the light: wouldn’t be possible to make a lens with infinite focal-lengths?

There was enough paper on the desktop, and pencils too, so that I tried to design what I had imagined. I thought a little and I said to myself: but sure, it must work!

The telephone was too within reach, and to call my wife was rather an automatic that a voluntary action:
"Mirella" - I said - "I have just made an invention of one million!".

Visibly content, I forgot problems and stress, and was already savouring the future developments of the brilliant idea.

And just enters in the office the wife of a colleague, recently arrived from Germany (we was then in Argentine). He watches, and he says to me:

- "what happens Dante, I see you so happy!"
- I have just made a fabulous invention", I answered. 

- What have you invented? ", replied the Mrs.

While I was doing to her a description, she listened pleased, and, putting her hand in her handbag, extracted a sheath saying:

- But… I have a feeling that these glasses are like that…

You can imagine the rest: I had again invented something that already existed!

Shame, for the million, but the idea: who can steal it from me? 

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