"The glory of Him who moves all things
penetrates the universe and shines
in one part more and in another less..."

Words of Dante that cannot stop coming to mind before such a magnificent and so extraordinary phenomenon, such a total eclipse of the Sun.

It would be useless to attempt a scientific explanation: there are those who can do it better; and it would be presumptuous to attempt a poetic description: for that reason, I resort to the verses of Dante.

The total eclipse is in fact something so magnificent, so touching, that there are no words or sounds or images that can describe it.  Adjectives are therefore useless.

I wish I could just say one thing: the corona was for me an ostensorium in the sky, a God with open arms who wanted to give us further evidence of his greatness and send us a message of peace and of brotherhood, a message we all needed.

The Moon clearly understood it; and for that reason considered it opportune to turn off the lights today to allow some few elects to capture it, and the Sun, our king, to flourish its crown.

The appearance was brief, and when it finished, I could’nt stop thinking of the words of the beautiful Brazilian song "tristeza nao tem fim, felicidade sim..." (sadness doesn't end, happyness does); but the message will remain.

Perhaps the Moon did not hear the thunderous applause from the hundreds of tourists exploding in unison; but there is no doubt that it was deserved.

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