Vintage Dr Pepper Cold Drink Box 50's-60's era: East Texas Location
Happy Days Are Here Again!

We have A "Vintage Dr Pepper Cold Drink Box 50's 60's" Era. This is a "Collector's Item" and sold "AS-IS". This Box will bring back memmories of "The Good Old Days" of yester-year when Elvis was King. Those days have come and gone, but the music of the 50's-60's live on. The Burger joints and cafe's both play the music even today, why not own the cold drink box to go with it! This item must be picked up at location after the sell. Those of you that would like to see this Box before buying it can go to " Cherokee Hardware" in Henderson Texas. Tell them that Eastex Dan sent you. You can only pay for this item at our Ebay store. To visit Dan-Anns General Store go to: "". Buyer will have 10-days after the sale to pick it up! We also have another Vintage item. A "Vintage 1930's GE Refrigerator". Check it out while you're there. Buy them both! Thank You!   
Remember The Good Old Days!
Happy Days In  East Texas!
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1930's GE Refrigerator: East Texas Location.
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