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TOMAS AMBT KOFOD - opening cast 2000/2001, 2003 + 2009

Although Björn Olsson was an amazing Raoul, Tomas remains my favourite. He is a fine actor with a strong singing voice, and had a genuine approach to the Raoul role. I was thrilled when I saw he joined the 2003 cast, after leaving the cast in 2002, and even more thrilled to see him again in 2009.

One thing that stood out for me when seeing him was that he acted a lot even when not singing/in focus. He reacted to every movement, every word said by the others, which made his Raoul appear vibrant and fresh for every performance. Considering he was the only lead role in Denmark performing all 7 shows a week, it impressed me a lot that he never appeared uninspired on stage.

I also loved that he seemed to care so much for Christine, and that he appeared to be not just a worthy, but a dangerous competitor to the Phantom. It was never obvious which one Christine would eventually choose, and that added an energy to the show I think is very important. Combine that with a gorgeous, warm singing voice and a handsome appearance, and you got the perfect Raoul.

Special Tomas Ambt Kofod treats:
Kissing Christine's hands... a lot!
Climbing the portcullis in the Final Lair in an attempt to find a way in
Doing some awesome lifts in Masquerade
Fighting the magical lasso in the Final Lair... a lot!
Yelling lots of stuff when the Phantom runs off with Christine after PONR
Not using a wig (except from in the Auction scene)



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