Syphon Filter 2
best third person shooter for the PSX

Review by Anthony

Storyline 10
Storyline is definitely a 10 in my book. Having never played the single player yet, and only touching on the great multiplayer levels, reading the instruction manual was good enough for me. You start out as this guy: Gabe Logan.. whoa, he's like Solid Snake only COOLER. Anyway, he has this girlfriend who's a BEAUTIFUL asian chick, and she's playable later in the game. What a great storyline. FIVE STARS. 10/10

Page 5 - Mission


Gameplay 10
Syphon Filter 2 has introduced a whole new level of third person gaming into the gaming world. Recent titles, such as Metal Gear Solid 2 and Zone of the Enders stand as nothing compared to the gaming engine in SF2. In Syphon Filter 2, you can tap down to do a complete 180 degrees turn. Hard, you say? Even beginners can figure this out on page 3 of the manual, and that's a move that can't be done in MGS2. What about headshots? No worries, as when you aim at an enemy, if its a headshot, the game will tell you: "HEADSHOT". I've only touched on at the most HALF of what this great game has to offer. You'll just have to play it for yourself. 10/10

Surfing the net, I found this pic called "syphon_new.jpg". Though I have not yet played this cool game,
this is probably one of many unlockable items.

Sound 10
The sound in this game is so good that I don't even remember most of it. It's probably the best music you'll ever hear. Ever. The voice acting in this game is superb, after playing MGS2: Substance, well, let's just say that David Hayter's (or should I say: David GAYter) Solid Snake (or should I say: Solid GAYke) is a really horribly done copycat voice of the great Gabe Logan (a.k.a. "Not" GAYbe Logan). 10/10

Sound Demo

Solid GAYke

Graphics 10
The graphics engine in Syphon Filter 2 is amazing. Take one good look at the box at Superstore and you'll wonder to yourself: "gee, it says 'Greatest Hits', but the images on the cover SUCK! I hope the graphics in the game are better than the ones on the cover". Well, I'm sorry to say, they're NOT. In fact, the graphics in the game are more like TEN times BETTER! I could rant on and on about how awesome the 3d-ness of this game is, but in the end, you know you just gotta see for yourself: 10/10

Example of Awesome Graphic Technology

Controls 10
The controls in SF2 are wicked-assed. Mostly because Playstation controllers are basically SNES controllers with more top buttons, and two analog chopsticks. In SF2 by simply pressing a button, the character can do stuff. For example, by pressing UP on the control pad, the character will move forward. Unlike Street Fighter 2, the other SF2, SF2 has taken gaming to another level, whereas in SF2 you could only jump up, in SF2 you can now go in all directions in a moving 3d environment. 10/10

As you can see, this "circle" is very 3d, and the camera is able to pan on it.

Replay Value
The replay value of this game is great, especially if you don't play it. Because then you can always look at it and not want to trade it away or sell it because you will always be a Curious George about its ending. 10/10

Rent or Buy?
Definitely buy. Renting is a waste of money because if you just let it sit there and be curious about its ending, over the years, the renting will probably become more expensive, or blockbuster will say something like "We don't rent out the game anymore, you have to give it back". Because of all this hassle, it's best just to buy this awesome game. --10/10 DEFINITELY--

Overall 10
Overall, I can say that this game has potential, and that it has a lot of shooting in it. As well, the graphics are awesome and there's hot chicks to look at while you play. You might say that for a shooting game you might want to go out and get Perfect Dark Zero or something, or a game to look at girls would be DOAX. But unless you want to wait a few years for PDZ to come out, or have to go out and buy an xbox or xbox2, then I suggest you look into Syphon Filtering. 10/10

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