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Irish Dancemaster Accordions

Introducing the superb 2008 Irish Dancemaster SARASOTA
with the exquisite Forte G-series brass frame treble reeds.
Avialable in: Standard, TIPO A MANO (hand-finished), & A MANO (hand-made)
Quality Button Accordions
at Affordable Prices
Sales & Service
Specializing in 1-, 2- and 3-row diatonic button accordions
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Discover the beautiful sound of our exclusive
Dancemaster Forte G-series brass-frame treble reeds!

All Dancemaster accordions are lovingly assembled & tuned in my workshop here in the Sarasota-Bradenton area on the Florida Gulf Coast, USA.
2-row 23 key / 2-voice model w/ chord switch standard.
MM or LM treble setup available
Model                                                     Treble Reeds      Bass reeds       Price
Dancemaster 'Sarasota'  S           Forte G          Export       $950
Dancemaster 'Sarasota' TM        Forte TM         Export       $995
Dancemaster 'Sarasota' AM      Forte A Mano     TM          $1195

Shoulder strap & gig bag included

Note: Bass/chord side comes standard w/ export or durall for S and TM models. AM comes w/ TIPO A MANO bass/chord reeds.

Avail. in B/C*, C#/D**, & D/D# for Irish music; D/G for Morris; Bb/Eb for Dominican Merengue Tipico; G/C for European and Finnish. Other keys avail. upon request.
*B/C bass setup: McComisky or Joe Burke setup available
**C#/D bass setup: P. Soprani or modified P.Soprani
Dancemaster Accordions
6108 39th Ave, Bradenton, FL 34209
Tel: 1-941-761-7295
  9AM-6PM  EST Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri
  2-6PM EST  Wed.
Affordable, High-quality
3-row Diatonics for Mexican Music w/ Italian reeds
Irish Dancemaster Accordions
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We perform quality custom tuning, tremolo adjustments, body modification work, key conversions, reed replacement and reed upgrades on high quality Italian made accordions including  Saltarelle, Castagnari, Mengascini, Paolo Soprani.

We also specialize in performance upgrades - reeds, reedblocks, valves, soundboard, fingerboard - for the popular accordions including Hohner and Weltmeister,  as well as economy models from China and Czechoslovakia (Delicia/Lignatone)
We can transform truly awful accordions into truly playable instruments at reasonable cost.  Please read some of our customers' many testimonials at:
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