Local Emigrants

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Relihan Family
Dora of Newtownsandes left in 1911 aged 30y, Mary A of Ballylongford left 1921 a20y, Bridget of Newtownsandes left 1911 a 29y,Mary of Duagh left 1915 a 24y,
Lizzie of Abbeyfeale left 1898, Mary of Listowel left 1895, Katie of Listowel left 1908, Kate of Listowel left 1901, Willie of Listowel left 1902, Bridget of Listowel left 1905, Michael of Listowel left 1909, Nora of Abbeyfeale left 1904, John of Listowel left 1907, Dora of Newtownsandes left 1906, Annie of Listowel left 1905,
Dan of Kerry left 1903.Jer American Irish of Listowel aged 50y on Lucia 1904,

Stack Family
Anne of Listowel left 1898
Anne of Newtownsandes left 1909
Bridget of Ballybunion left 1912
Bridie of Listowel left a 26 in 1921
Cissie of  ?          left in a19 in 1913
D of Tullamore left a 19 in 1903
Denis of Duagh left 1905 a22y
Edward of Listowel left 1899 a15y
Edward of Newtownsandes left 1909 a 22y
Edward of Lisselton left 1914 a 29y 
Edward of Ballybunion left 1920 a 8y
Edward of Listowel left 1913 a 34y

Denis of Newtownsandes left in 1904 a20,
Jerry of Newtownsandes left in 1898 a26,
Mary of Listowel left in 1903 a20,
John of Tralee sailed 1904 a 21.

Tomy left Queenstown on Lucania  Sept 17th 1904,
Hannah of Listowel left 1909 aged 22,
Hannah of Lixnaw sailed 1905 aged 16,
Hannah of Tralee sailed 1898 a26,
Also on board Mgt & Belle Shannahan of Torberesn?
John Fitzgerald of Tralee a23y.  Jer Relihan of Listowel American Irish a50y.

Cornelius of Utica New York arrived 1923 aged 63, Cornelius of Ballylongford arrived 1909 aged 23.

Cornelius Keane of Gortnaskeha left 1905 a25 on Oceanic from Queenstown,
Daniel of Listowel left 1903 a24, Daniel of Tarbert left 1907 a19, Daniel of Listowel left 1910 a36, Daniel of Ballylongford left 1901 a 23, Daniel of Listowel left 1904 a28,
Oceanic Local list from Liverpool / Queenstown April 1905
Con Keane Ballybunion a25, William a25Bridget a22 and Edward Behane a20 of Listowel, Mary Kelly a19 Gortnaskeha, Thomas Boland Kerry a23, Kathleen Clancy a22 of Kilrush,
Maurice Mc Elligott a26 of Listowel, William Cahill a23 of Brosna, Michael Leahy a20 of Listowel, Ellen Ambrose a16 of Newcastlewest, Mortimer O Sullivan of Tralee,

Daniel A Nolan of Plattsburg New York arrived 1916 a42, Daniel Andrew Nolan of Plattsburg  arrived 1917 a43 no details of place of birth.

Maurice Woulfe left 1907 a22 of Listowel, Maurice Woulfe of Athea left 1909 a21.

Local list for Carmania from Queenstown Aug 1907.
Maurice Woulfe of Listowel a22, Wm. Madden of Ballyhahill a28, William Mullane of Newcastlewest a23, John O Leary of Castlegregory a28, Richard Wallace USA Citizen of Glin, John Noonan of Ballybunion a30, Matt Mc Mahon of Listowel a27.

Mary of Ballybunion on Majestic Aug 1912. Mary of Bally? Left 1899 a28, Mary of Ballyheigue left 1911 a35, Mary of Bally? Left 1911 a15y, Mary of Ardfert left 1903 a56, Mary of Ardfert left 1924 a21, Mary of Tralee left 1900 a20, Mary of Glandore left 1903 a 19, Mary Bridget Mahony of Waterford left 1920 a25,
Mary  Bridget Mahony of Newtownlands? born 13-5-1901 lived at Park Av New ? Social Security Index 1950.

Joseph Barrett arrived July 9th 1909 on Umbria.

Pat Dowd of Keil? Kerry left Queenstown in Arizona on June 13th 1893,Pat Dowd of Glinsk? left Queenstown on Carmania 8th April 1921 a 26y.

Bernard Ahern Abbeyfeale USA born left Queenstown on Nov 10th 1904 on Ship Oceanic, Bridget Ahern of Athea left Liverpool on Celtic March 19th 1923.

David Ruddle of Asdee Sept 2nd 1906 from Queenstown on Ship Celtic

Pat Kirby of Abbeyfeale 1903 a 21y, Pat Kirby of Ballyheigue 1915 a 25y. Pat Kirby of Listowel 1909 a 21y, Pat Kirby Do 1899 a 24y.

John of Ballylongford 1920 a 23y, John of Listowel a 31y in 1920, John of Tarbert 1911 a 23y, John of Listowel 1912 a 22y, John of Ballylongford 1914 a 20y, John of Rockchapel a 18y in 1920, John of Listowel 1920 a a18y,

John Moran of Newcastle 1905 a30y, John Moran of Askeaton 1901 a23y

American Wall of Honour
Name and Panel number
Tom F Connell Lixnaw 087, Coleman O Connell of Limerick 318,
Mary O Connell Lyons of Mount Collins 265, Mary O Connell Stack 419,
John P & Catherine O Connell Ahern Athea 010, Ml J O Connell Tralee,
Pat & Susan O Connell Perryman 670, Tim Joe O Connor Newcastlewest 328,
Bridget Curtin O Connor Knocknagoshel 545, Margaret O Connor Brosna 545,
Michael & Ellie O Connor Causeway 626

Margo & Mary Leahy Sheehan Kerry, Dan Leahy Tournafulla 616,Julia Leahy Limerick 248, John Leahy Brosna 248, Nora Daly Leahy Knocknagoshel 248, John Leahy Lixnaw 248.

James J Barrett Kerry 029, Mary Barrett Fitzmaurice Kerry 141, Margaret Dowling Barrett Kerry 489, Denis J Barrett Kerry 489, Maurice & Mary Barrett O Connell Kerry & Mayo 626.

Peter & Annie Fitzgerald Causeway 141, Elizabeth Sullivan Fitzgerald Bailegaw ? Kerry 141, Catherine Fitzgerald Crean 092, Francis J Fitzgerald Sr. Ireland 141, Delia Cecelia Fitzgerald Ford? Kerry 141, Mary Fitzgerald & Family Deerpark Lixnaw 511, Pat Fitzgerald & Family Derry West Kerry 600, Catherine C Fitzgerald Fanning Kerry 658.
Sailed from Queenstown Aug 1904 on Lucania John Fitzgerald of Tralee aged 23yrs

Eugene P & Ellen O Connor Moran Kerry 301, John & Nora Moran Groark 517, John Joe & Anne Clancy Moran Kerry & Clare.

Nora Kennelly Conly Ballybunion 500, Eileen Kennelly Mc Gonigal Newtownsandes 285, Ted Kennelly Ballylongford 220, George Francis Kennelly Kerry 220.

Pat & Ellen Griffin O Leary Ballyheigue 668, Tom J Griffin Limerick 605, Catherine Griffin Ballybunion 605, Ellen Griffin Donovan Kerry 118, Margaret T Griffin Kerry 175, Mary Griffin Mc Kenna Kerry 286,

Mary Stokes O Grady Rathkeale 319, Dan Grady Kerry 604, James A & Mary Donnelly Grady Kerry 604, Mary A O Grady Hynes Kerry 522, Catherine O Grady Kerry 545, Tim J & Hannah O Grady Anglin Kerry 017, Denis J & Linda Attianese O Grady Limerick, 

Died at Grosse Isle without relatives 1847
E Connell & sisters on Urania, Richard Griffin and brothers on Clarendon

Asylum for widows and children Toronto 1847/48

Matt Tierney a 14y sent to Dr Barton, Ellen Nash a 25y sent to W H Edward,
Hugh Tierney a 10y sent to James Johnson Wagon Maker,
John Gallivan a 16y sent to Richard Butler a Smith, Peggy Purcell a 7y sent to John Desmond, Kitty Casey a 12y to John Connor a Farmer, Mary Casey a 10y to Peter Ouster, Peter Kearns a9y to Michael O Connor a farmer,
Michael Kearns a 7y to Michael Noland a farmer, Pat Grant 13y to Chas Doherty a farmer of Toronto Townp, Martin Grant a 6y to Joe Auger a Farmer, Anne Noon a10y to Tom Cunningham a farmer, John Noon a 10y to Do, Bernard Flaherty a 10y to John Callaghan,
14 million Catholics in USA 1910.
They had 5,000 Schools, with 1.4 million students, 400 Hospitals with .5 million patents per Year, 300 Orphanages with 50,000 children.

Peterborough Settlement
Ml Costelloe Listowel d aged 43y in 1826 his family went also to Canada.
Denis Shanahan a 33y and family of Listowel
James Stack a 25y died 1831, Mary Pope 16y of Listowel
John Kennelly a34y, Ellen 35y, Wm. 12y died 1825, Pat 8y, Jas3, John 1,
Of Kilbehenny Limerick

Cahill Family
Tom a38, Johanna a36, John a17, Michael a15, Mary a14, Johanna a9, Tom a4, James a1,  all native of Listowel.

Maddingan Family
Owen a60, Michael a29 also called Bart Kennelly, James a27, Benjamin a24, Mary a22 married Bart Kennelly, Owen a20, Denis a18, Mathew a15, Bridget a13, all of Colemans Well Co Limerick.

Portland For Charlestown end of March 1803
Limerick Names
Charley Adams a48, wife Mgt 39y, Tom O Duyer 22y, Ml O Donovan 26y,
Mgt Fehilly 24y,Joe Fihilly 7y, John 3y, Mary 2y.

Jeanie Johnson index sample

New York
Moloney to New York
James to NY aged 12 in 1847, Jas a 21 in 1841, Jas a 23 in 1845,
Jas a 27 in 1847, Jas a 30 in 1849, Jas a 42 in 1840, Jas a 10y in 1840,

Michael a 26 in 1840, Ml 34y in 1847, Ml in 1845, Ml 20y in 1848,
Ml 24y in 1849,

Thomas 19y in 1842, Tom 17y in 1849, Tom 7y in 1849

New Orleans
James Moloney to New Orleans a 26y in 1849, Jas 22y in 1852,
Jas 1852, Ml 6y in 1851, Ml 8y in 1849,

Connor to New Orleans
Johanna age 31y in 1847, James a 23y in 1848, John a24y in 1847, John a 8y in 1847, James a0 in 1849, James a26y in 1850, John a 24 in 1850, John a 3 in 1850, All following are John, a40y in 1850, a22 in 1849, a26y in 1850, a3y in 1847, a21y in 1850, a23y in 1850, a22y in 1848, a25y in 1850, a25y in1847, a15y in 1848, a25 in 1848, a 27y in 1850, a20y in 1850, a12y in 1852, a8y in 1848

Joan Connor aged 40y in 1851 to New Orleans, Julia a11y in 1848, James a 27y in 1848, Johanna a 5y in 1857, James a18y in 1848, James a 27y in 1848, Jane a18y in 1849, James a 0y in 1849, James a 26y in 1850, Johanna a 31y in 1849,

Daly to New Orleans
John a24y in 1849, J a20y in 1849, Johanna a 10y in 1849, Judy a0 in 1849, Joseph a 35y in 1849, John a 9y in 1848, James a8y in 1848, John a 30y in 1850, Julia a 19y in 1849, John a 40y in 1848, John a 17y in 1848, John a 12y in 1850, John a 30y in 1849, J a35 in 1851, Jeremiah a 25y in 1851, John a 34y in1853, John a 15y in 1853, J a18y in 1852, James a 7y in 1859, Judy a 5y in 1853, John a1 in 1851, Joseph a 5y 1851, John a 20y in 1849, John a 26y in 1853, James a35y in 1848, James a0 in 1848, James a 24y in 1849, John a 22y 1849, John a 20y in 1852, John a 32y in 1852,

Daly to New York
John a20y in 1848, James a 30y in 1849, John a 30y in 1849, John a 50y in 1849, J  a 8y in 1847, James a 34y in 1849, James a 18y in 1849, John a 20y in 1849, James a 24y in 1849, John a 50y in 1849, John a 34y in 1849, John a 35y in 1849, James a 25y in 1849, James a 28y in 1849, Jane a 15y in 1849, Julia a 12y in 1849, John a 7y in 1849,John a 9 in 1847, Julia a 30y in 1849, Johanna a 13y in 1847, John a 23y in 1849,James a 25y in 1849, John a 45y in 1849, John a 45y in 1849,

Griffin to New Orleans
John a 30y in 1848, John a 22y in 1850, John a 30y in 1849, John Continued, a26y in 1851, a24y in 1850, a25y in 1851, a 40y in 1848, a21y in 1852, a 40y in 1850, a 25y in 1848, a21y in 1850, a 20y in 1850, a 25y in 1853, a 6 in 1853, a 24y in 1847,

James a 19y in 1847, James a20y in 1847, Johanna a 5y in 1851, James a22y in 1851, Jane a 20y in 1853, Joan a20y in 1851, James a 20y in 1851, Johanna a 20y in 1853, Johanna a 20y in 1853, James a 0y in 1850, James a 25y in 1850, Jane a 7y in 1848, James a 12y in 1848, Johanna a 45y in 1851,

Hudson to USA
John a 21y in 1847, J  a54y in 1847, James a 11y in 1847,

Hudson to New Orleans
William a 25y in 1849, William a 25y in 1850, William a22y in 1852, William a 55y in 1852,William a 22y in 1858, William a 33y in 1852,

Hudson to New York
All William Hudson, a 7 in 1844, a39y in 1846, a35y in 1844, a 51y in 1841, a14y in 1847, a22y in 1848, a33y in 1843, a24y in 1848, a32y in 1848, a30y in 1849,

John Kennelly to New Orleans a24y in 1848, James Kennelly Do a18y in 1851,

Kennelly to New York
J a34 in 1947,Johanna a20 in 1848, James a32 in 1848, John a28 in 1848, J a20 in 1848, John a35 in 1848, Jane a24 in 1848, Johanna a45 in 1847,

Stokes to New Orleans c1849
John aged 0y , John a35y, Joseph a44, J a30, John a 35y.
Stokes to New York c1849
James a23 , Joseph a21y, John a 9, Jane a4, John a24y, John a45y, John a24y, John a24y,James a28y,

Goulding to New Orleans c1849
John a40y, Jeremiah a25y, Julia Ann a13,

Goulding to New York c1849
Johanna a40y, John a14y, John a50y, Joseph a40y, James a16y, John a24y, Jane a27y,

Golden to New Orleans c1849
John a40y, James a16y, James a20y, John, a28y, James a23y,

Golden to New York c1849
James a22y, James a 13y, John a22y, John a9y, John a21y, John a62y, John a18y.

Ellis Island index sample continued
Bridget Mahony of Newtownsandes left 1913, Dan Mahony of Lisselton left in 1912.

C A Hudson Queenstown 1903 on Cymris American
John Hennessy Ballybunion 1905 age 68y
Jeremiah Hennessy Lixnaw 1912 age 19y
Bridget Connell Abbeyfeale 1905 a31y
Denis Connell Abbeyfeale 1903 a 21y
Johanna Connell Listowel 1899 a 25y on Etruria
Catherine Galvin Listowel 1922 on Cedric
Alice Galvin Listowel 1922 on Cedric
Annie Galvin Tullamore 1910
Con Galvin Listowel 1909
John Galvin Abbeyfeale
John Galvin Listowel 1901
Jeremiah Galvin Listowel 1905
Mrs Johanna Flavin Listowel 1904 a38y US Citizen
Annie Flavin Glin 1912 a38y
Kate Flavin Tarbert 1906

On Board Oceanic 1912 from Queenstown the following
Michael Stokes Askeaton 30y
Patrick Liston Athea 26y
Mary Langan Athea 22y
Annie Flavin Glin 19y
Catherine Kirby Newtownsandes 22y
Bridget Connor Glin 17y
Margaret Kiernan Glin 21y
William Lynch Athea 24y
Laurence Moloney Ennistymon 21y

Celtic left Queenstown June 1920
Sample list of passengers

Michael Keys a 23y of Limerick
Ellen Horan a  47y of Tralee
Edward Carmody a 25y of Listowel
Bridget Mary Cullinane a 22y of Newcastle Tipperary
Mary Anne O Rourke a 20y of Limerick
Bridget Curtin a 19y of British Irish Hospital
John Cunningham a 21y of Glin
Jeremiah Duggan a19y Tralee
Michael Daly a 25y of Farrenfore
Hannah Duggan a 22y of Tralee
Ellie Fitzgerald a 20y of Cappalegue Kerry
Tom Shaughnessy a 25y of Glin
Peter O Dea a 21y of Kilmurry Clare
Mary O Brien of Ballyduff Ireland
Tom Organ of Liscannor
Mac Stanley 21y of Ballyhahill
Bridget Ryan a 20y of Limerick
William Strich a 28y of Killaloe
Kathleen Ryan a19y of Limerick
Pat M Roche a 19y of Rathkeale
John M Roche a24y of Abbeyfeale
Tom Brosnan of Ardfert
Nellie Weir a23y of Listowel
John Barrett a 17y of Newcastlewest
Bridget Wills a 25y of Newcastlewest
James Wren a22y of Tarbert
John Wills a 25y of Newcastlewest
Mary Anne O Rourke a 20y of Limerick
Mary Wills 10m of Newcastlewest
Margaret Carroll a 20y of Rockchapel
Agnes Barry a 25y of Limerick
Julia Carroll a 18y of Rockchapel
Arnold Shortis a 18y of Ballybunion
Katie Neville a 19y of Limerick
Lizzie Neville a 25y of Limerick
Margaret Ellen Drury a 20y of Moygara

Etruria from Queenstown 1907
Martin J Tierney, Glentane
Julia Whelan Newtown 16 yr.
Martin M Kennelly, Lenamore 24yrs
Kate & Mary Cotter of Youghal
James Hedley Tralee aged 20
Michael o Rourke Ahabeg 17yrs
Tom Murphy, Acres 20yrs
Denis Hickey, New Market 23yrs
Tom Riordan, 23 yr. Grouse Lodge
John Lehane, Cork
Ellen Leary, Tralee 27yrs
Hanoria O Rourke, Tralee 51yrs
D O ?, Tralee 18yrs
Nora Buckley, Abbeyfeale, 20
Caronia from Queenstown 1909
Lillie Cotter, Listowel 22yrs
Mgt E Spring Killimore 23yrs
Mary & Mary & Nora Casey, Limerick
Mgt Fitzgerald, Ballylongford 23yrs
Ellie Ryan, Ballyduff 17yrs
Katie Crotty Kilbaha 18yrs, Clare
Annie Shannon, Limerick 20yrs
Tom O Brien, Lactlow 22yrs
Michael Collins, Barna, 22yrs
Mary O Donoghue, Limerick 20yrs
Delia Blake 33yrs, Carrigaholt
Ellie Deloughery? Causeway, 21yrs
Lillie Cotter, Listowel 22yrs
Mgt Spring Killmore
Jeremiah M Kennelly, Tarbert 32yrs
Mary Casey, Limerick 28yrs
Catherine Crean, Camp
Julia A Morrissey Lisserhaul? 17
Con Doherty, Moylish, 20yrs
Mary Casey Limerick 1yrs 6months
Hannah Crean, 20yrs Camp
Annie Shanahan? Limerick 20y
John Seery Cloghan 28y
Lena Gilhooly Mohill 21y

James O Connell born Shanagolden 1837 son of Pat and Killeen Married Joan Kieley a dau of Philip Kieley born c 1838 died 1909 Richmond Victoria
Maurice O Connell of Athea Born c 1837 arrived NSW 1864, he got reference from D Harnett Glin.
James Madigan reached Sydney with his father and family in 1848.
Johanna Eagan of Athea born c 1780 wed Michael Walsh of Coolcapagh in 1805.

Michael Fitzgerald  born 1811married Margaret Griffin b c1819 a daughter of Tom and Mary Culhane Griffin of Co Limerick.

Pat Griffin b 1757 died c 1838 wed Mary Burns.

James Griffin b1793 Shanagolden wed in 1814 Mary Sheahan went to Australia 1839.

Mary Moore b c1789 Shanagolden a daughter of Richard Moore and Ellen Windle [she died Victoria 1859] Mary married Michael Fitzgerald b c1787 Shanagolden.

John Tierney of Timple Athea wed in 1860 Mary Danaher who was b c 1830.

David Dower b c 1789 Shanagolden died c 1850
Robert Dore in Gortgloss 1788
Ned Dore b c1800 wed Nora Leahy c1840 [Gortgloss and Newcastlewest]
John Dore b 1808 wed in 1832 Elizabeth O Connor [Gortgloss]
Mce Dore b 1820 Gortgloss died San Francisco 1895,
Native Place in capitals

Mary Buckley1938; Rev John Gaire 1935; Julia McAuliffe 1935; Mary Walsh 1937; other names to consider Tom and Ann Duagh 1873;Ellen Mary Frawley 1935.

Mary Keane1936; Catherine Kennelly 1937; Ellen & Mary B  Mahony 1936; Joan Mc Donnell 1936; Nora Ryan and Bridget Ware 1937; Nora Ryan 1938, other names to check Minnie Dodson 1935 and Anna McCormick 1936;

Mary Biggane 1936; Mary C Riordan 1938; Mary Catherine Brandon; Margaret Mary Connolly 1936; Anne Cregan 1935; Pat Enright 1937; John Hayes 1938; Joan Hickey 1937; Mary Normoyle 1936 and Anne Normoyle 1937.

Catherine Fitzgerald, Mary C Griffin and John P O Sullivan in 1938; Bridget Flavin, Mary E Connor and Bridget H Long in 1937; Ellen Herbert and Bridget Connor in 1936 and Ellen O Connor 1935;

John Walsh, Catherine Windle, and John Flavin in 1935; Bridget O Connor 1936; Mary Barry 1937 and Fr Myles Kearney and Joan Kearney 1938;

1935 Julia Dowling, Dan Horan, Mary McCarthy; Fr Tom McEnery; Fr John O Sullivan, Kathleen Sheehan and Michael Reidy; 1936 Ellen Leahy, Ann Lyons, Ellen O Connell, and John Ward; 1937 Catherine O Keefe, Elizabeth O Connell, Mary Lyons, Dan Hartnett, Margaret Collins and Ann Brosnan. 1938 Julia McCarthy, Fr Pat J Leahy, Fr John J Healy and Simon Hartnett;

1935 Ellen Stack, Joan Sullivan, Pat J Walsh, Bridget Cody, James J Dalton, Mary Ita Dalton, Ellen Halpin, Wm. O Connor Hunt, Wm. Pat Kennedy, Catherine Lynch, Tom F Moran, Ml Moriarty, Mgt O Sullivan and ? Reidy; 1936 Ellen Walsh, Nora Dowling, Ann Doyle, Catherine Fitzgerald, Joan Harding, Elizabeth and Mgt Kennelly, Wm F Listowel and Sr. Mary Kathleen Lynch; 1937 Daniel Louis Sweeney, Catherine Lyons, John McElligott, Gerard and Mary Jane O Connell, Nancy Reidy?, and E J Stack; 1938 Cath. Sullivan, Bridget Galvin, Con Hanrahan, Catherine hayes, Fr John Relihan and Fr William McMahon; 1891 Michael Kelly,  Maggie Flavin and Florence Fitzgerald;
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