- The international community is quite  conservative and reserved when it comes
to recognising new states in general, and tried to convince Slovenia that it
would be better off in union with Croatia than on its own. And so the premier
of Nauru (11,000 inhabitants) was sent to Slovenia (1,3 mln inhabitants) in
order to tell them that Slovenia was actually too small for become an
independent state. 

Slovenia did have a year as an independent Principality in

that Sanjak could make it
thanks to strong pressure from the Islamic world, while Slovenia simply missed
a strong ally (not much left with Germany and Austria preferring to cooperate
with Croatia, while France, Spain and the Italies would rather support

Dalmatia at the time was too occupied with her own problems. There was
still Croatia to fight and then there was also the "Republic of Serb
Kozara" to deal with too (which it dealt with in 1997 in an all-out
Blitzkrieg called Operation Storm. However the Storm of *there* was not as
merciless as the Storm of *here* which eliminated Serb Krajina, in that
the Serb population was not forcibly expelled. A good 60-70% of the Serbs
in the Kozara region did voluntarily go to Serbia though, and the ones who
remained faced no problems so long as they abided by Dalmatian law and
swore loyalty to the Republic as is required of all citizens). Anyway with
these issues to deal with, Dalmatia really didn't have time to assist
Slovenia in any real way, though they did give moral support. Since the
end of the war, the government-in-exile of the Principality of Slovenia
resides in Metlika in northern Dalmatia, since that town has the largest
Slovene minority of any part of Dalmatia. Today Dalmatia does not
recognise the incorporation of Slovenia into Croatia, and this is often a
bone of contention between the two countries, though it seems unlikely
they will go to war over it.

> And I assume the RTC may have sympathised with Slovenia, but not supported
> her due to neutrality?

Kaszkun jeniemik kaszkunu amiku Tutonór jest amik Erdeki.
(Every enemy of every friend of the Germans is a friend of the RTC)

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