Romanian Federation

> About the Romanian Federation: possibly. But I could imagine as well,
> that they were kept separately under Russian rule, and formed a
> federation after the fall of the Russian regime.
Perhaps, I don't know. Moldova at the very least is Orthodox, perhaps
Oltenia too (though they have good relations with Hungary). Muntenia is
Catholic, if any of this affects how the Russians dealt with them. The
Moldovans are very disorganised, and the Muntenians are the ones who are
the binding, coherent force in the Romanian Federation. Oltenia is
alright, generally comparable to say Slovakia *here* in terms of ecnomomy
and organoisation.

I can also see Basarabia being given
to the Hungarians at Brest. This would probably lead to the Moldovans
rebelling against what they (probably correctly) see to be a weaker
oppressor and win indepence.

If Ukraine is very weak, I don't see why Moldova would antagonise anyone
in Russia by fighting them at Ukraine's side. For my part I think the
Moldovans saw the situation as either the Whites or the Reds will win and
conquer Ukraine, and if they don't act now, they'll lose Odesa. And that
might win them a point or two with the Russians - hey look we helped you
too! Though on the long term it might add tension to the relations between
Ukraine and Moldova...

Moldova are established as independent states in May 1918 

Okay, so then definitely Oltenia rebelles against Hungary in late 1915 or
early 1916

Oltenia are established as independent states in April 1918


Perhaps (one of) the Romanias *there* developed
> their/its own kind of Ceausescu, who reigned with terror but whose foreign
> policies were rather independent?

I could see that happening, most likely in Muntenia or Moldova.
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