One Tree Hill

We turn away to face the cold, enduring chill
As the day begs the night for mercy
Your sun so bright it leaves no shadows, only scars
Carved into stone on the face of earth
The moon is up and over One Tree Hill
We see the sun go down in your eyes
You ran like a river to the sea
Like a river to the sea
And in our world a heart of darkness, a fire zone
Where poets speak their hearts, then bleed for it
Jara sang, his song a weapon, in the hands of love
You know his blood still cries from the ground
It runs like a river to the sea
Like a river to the sea
I don't believe in painted roses or bleeding hearts
While bullets rape the night of the merciful
I'll see you again when the stars fall from the sky
And the moon has turned red over One Tree Hill
We run like a river to the sea
Like a river to the sea
(Greg Carroll's Funeral, Wanganui, New Zealand, 10th July 1986)

Greg Carroll R.I.P.

One Tree Hill - Maungakiekie

Key facts:
Maori name: Maungakiekie, 'hill of the kiekie vine'
Location: Auckland City, map reference NZMS 260: R11/692764
Height: 182 m
Age: Formed 20,000-30,000 years ago
Volume scoria: 7 million cubic metres (equivalent to 1400 Olympic sized swimming pools)
Volume lava: 260 million cubic metres (equivalent to 52000 Olympic sized swimming pools)

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They came halfway around the world to mourn a friend.

Greg Carroll...if there was ever a hiccup, he had it sussed in minutes

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