Alternative King Arthur

Pushing back the frontiers of Arthurian research
onward and outward - to the stars and beyond

Completed 10 June 2000.
Last modified 8 September 2005.
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Welcome to a subversive that is web site concerned with alternative views of King Arthur and his knights

Yes, with alternative views of King Arthur and his knights. It does not re-iterate the cosy world of errant knights righting wrongs, but examines unusual topics, or mainstream topics in an unusual way. Its driving force is the desire to tease out the Celtic origins of Arthurian myth. Because it makes radical points it is rather wordy. Chiefly because I felt it necessary to justify these points with references and quotations. If you find it too much to take at a single sitting, I recommend that you print out the sections that interest you and read them at your leisure.

I can be reached at:- dagonet_uk 'at',uk

Detailed Content List

The Round Table

The Holy Grail

Arthur's weapons

King Arthur and Osiris

Arthur in the Sky

The passing of King Arthur

  • Introduction
  • Arthur's passing from Geoffrey of Monmouth
  • Arthur's passing in Layamon
  • Arthur's passing in Robert de Boron
  • Arthur's death in a variant of Geoffrey of Monmouth
  • The Vulgate Cycle version of Arthur's death
  • A purely Welsh Tradition
  • Conclusions

  • Life of Uther Pendragon

    Sex in the Arthurian world

    Solar Aspects of Arthurian Knights

    Powerful dwarves in Arthurian literature

    An Arthurian enemy - the night-time Sun/Sky God

    The abduction of Guinevere