Make Your Own Prince Cloud Guitar

This site is intended to assist in the making of a custom guitar similar to the guitar seen in the picture above (a scene from the motion picture "Purple Rain", 1984 Warner Brothers).  This guitar is used by the musical artist (genius) Prince, and is commonly called a "Cloud Guitar". I have been a Prince fan for over 20 years and have always wanted one of these Cloud guitars, but was never happy with the copies that have been made available for purchase. I decided to try my hand at building my own guitar, as close to the original Cloud Guitar as possible. I hope to pass along some tips and tricks that I have learned while making this guitar. I would like to thank Scott Anderson who has been the biggest help in this project, and is a guitar expert. Without his help, I would have never even attempted this project. He also has a site on making a Cloud Guitar. Again, this site was made by a fan for a fan who wishes to endeavor into guitar building. To all the Rainbow Children, enjoy!

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