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Phone Numbers


Comments and Suggestions - (718) 701-5157

New York - (718) 906-6400
Chicago - (773) 649-1057
Florida - (954) 719-0600
Lakewood - (732) 719-3374
Monsey - (845) 678-3337

New York Direct Dial to:
English - (718) 906-6410
Yiddish - (718) 906-6420
Spanish - (718) 906-6430
Hebrew - (718) 906-6440
Shmiras Haloshon - (718) 906-6450
Russian - (718) 906-6460

Rav Moshe Meir Weiss Daf Yomi shiur - (718) 906-6411
Rav Shmuel Dovid Friedman Daf Yomi Shiur - (718) 906-6422
Rav Binyomin Eisenberger Ein Yaakov - (718) 906-6423
Rav Leibish Goldberger Daf Yomi Shiur - (718) 906-6424
Rav Avraham Chaim Steinwurzel - (718) 906-6425

Toronto - (416) 722-8736
Montreal - (514) 664-1304
Mexico(English) - (52) 55-5351-2476
Mexico(Spanish) - (52) 55-5351-2666
United Kingdom - (44) 208-099-7330
Paris France - (33) 1 7281 3016

Kol Haloshon Israel
(3) 617-1095 English
(3) 617-1001 Hebrew
(3) 617-1111 Hebrew
(3) 617-1096 Russian


We want to share with you some of the recent Kol Haloshon developments

1) We recently moved our telephone service over to XChange Telecom. XChange Telecom helped us cutover to their great new service and have invested much time and effort in positioning us for lots of future growth in the upcoming years.

2) We are in the process of establishing a Kol Haloshon MP3 kiosk in Lakewood. The kiosk allows users download at NO COST most shiurim heard on Kol Haloshon. A user inserts a memory or disk device into the USB port of the kiosk computer and makes their selection using a touch screen and hits copy to begin copying. Details of this kiosk will be sent in an upcoming email.

If you know of any other community which may benefit from a kiosk, please let us know. The requirements for a Kol Haloshon community kiosk is having a computer with internet access where the public has access for a few hours a day to download shiurim.

3) In the near future, Kol Haloshon will have a web site to allow users to download most Kol Haloshon shiurim in MP3 format. An email will be sent when the web site is ready for use. There will be a link to the new website at http://www.kolhaloshon.com

. Additionally, the attached LIVE schedule is found at http://www.kolhaloshon.com and a complete index will be located there in a few days.

4) We've added over 1000 of Rav Dovid Barkin's Gemara Inyun shiurim on various popular perakim learnt in yeshivos.

5) We have added Rav Yisroel Dovid Schlesinger shiurim on Boruch She'amar and Sefer Yehoshua.

6) Rebbetzin Neustadt of Yerushalayim began recording a series of shiurim on Sholom Bayis and Eishes Chayil in English and Yiddish.

7) We have set up a local Monroe number for those who only have local calling plans. The number in Monroe is (845) 915-4355. We also recently added a number in St.Louis, Mo., (314) 256-9756.

8) We are changing the Montreal number to (514) 667-3599.

9) In Yiddish, Rav Shiya Sternfeld started a Amud Yomi in Mishna Berura at 8:40 pm in Emunas Yisroel on 16th Avenue. Also, Rav Ephraim Greenbaum started a Amud Yomi in Mishna Berura in Bais Medrah Hagodol in New Square, NY at 8:45 pm, as well.

We would like to wish a happy and healthy summer to all of our listeners. We hope you all continue to spread our phone number to others who may benefit from listening to our shiurim.

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