9-5-02 the Links section has been updated, dead links removed, new ones added.

9-3-02 2 other tutorials added, one for BAMW v0002a dn one for ITM_GFX Converter.

9-1-02 A quick 30 second tutorial on using MOS Utilitiy has been added, just click the My Tutorials link above.

7-21-02 Again, sorry for the lack of updates, there are 2 new IWD customs, and a page with my tilesets.  The BAMW tutorial has been moved from the old host onto here, so that should solve that problem.

4-15-02  Sorry about the lack of updates, I have been busy working on a minimod.  2 new BG2 items from Flysoup.
     3 Tilesets are up, 1 each for IWD, BG1 and PST.

3-5-02  New tutorial added to the tutorials page.

3-4-02  Just added a new section to the nav bar...a page with called My Tutorials, its a few links to
tutorials I have written, soon to have more.

2-26-02  The link for Mageduel is currently down, the mod isn't being updated right now.   The
Domains of Dread mod is officially dead and was removed.

2-22-02  Changed the main part of the site around a little bit, tell me what you think.

1-15-02  Vegabond subimitted an Item Pack containing 21 customs, it is located in the BG2 section.

1-10-02 There is a new IWD custom, more to come soon hopefully
       There is a new BG1 custom item, the Ebony Blade.

12-31 HAPPY NEW YEAR tommorrow!
      There is a new IWD download, Whispers Message(arrows).

12-26 there are 3 new BG2 items in the FW Requested bin.

12-18 The Lance of Passion has been totally redisnged for legit play
     There is a new DL page for BG1/TotSC, 1 sword and 2 item packs available
     There are 3 new Item Packs created by ForgottenWars in the BG2 Downloads(these are
available here only(and ForgottenWars of course), if you see them anywhere else then they have
been stolen.

12-17 The link for Daubendiek was down, and there is a new set of items for you to download.

9-10 I just added an item pack and a new link.

8-18 Sorry about the lack of updates, I was on vacation.

7-23 Just so everyone knows, this is my first page and im not sure how everything will turn out.

7-22 Don't mind the terribleness of this page, I'm new to this.
If you have suggestions for this site or for items please email me at [email protected]
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