Anapan's Castlevania Aria of Sorrow Alucard Hack

This is a new hack by Anapan that is progresing quite well, I will have it
linked here when it gets finished.

Update: Seem's he's been real busy lately
and hasn't had a chance to work on it anymore. But I've put up the
Alpha version IPS patch for something for you to play with. Remember
this is not how it is intended to be, Anapan is really good on quality!
The sprite drawing is very nice, but the movement
is jerky and not fluid, so be warned!!!

Anapan's Castlevania Aria of Sorrow Alucard Hack (Alpha version!!) IPS Akte Daten herunterladen

Thaeddus's Castlevania SOTN Hack for the NES

This is a hack that Thaeddus was working on at one point, but has now inspired
his Nemesis hack (see picture below) which can be found on his new Castlevania Hacks
webpage which is at:

Castlevania Wicked End (Dr Mario)

Castlevania Untitled (Optomon)

Castlevania Chorus of Mysteries (Dr Mario)

This fantastic and Ambitious looking hack is still a WIP, but I'm sure we all look forward to it!!!

Untitled Harmony of Dissonence Hack (Serio)

Another one to look forward to! This time for none other then a gba game that received a poor following.

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