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Bradley asked:

My question is this. In order to get to a higher spiritual understanding do you feel it is necessary to join the Masons, Rosie Cross, etc? I understand you are not a member of these groups, but for the uninitiated such as myself . . . I wonder. I am interested in gematria and the inner messages contained within the Torah and King James Bible.

David Allen Hulse answered:

You raise a very good question. First off, try to get a hold of my NEW DIMENSIONS FOR THE CUBE OF SPACE. This book uses the Tarot and the Qabalistic diagram of a cube of 22 components to show the path of initiation. There are many clues to your question in that text. You should definitely seek out a group to work with, so that you can be opened up by forces outside of yourself. There are two basic paths in initiation: that of magick and that of mysticism. Of magick, the working group, the lodge and the ceremonies all work to open up your inner spiritual world. Of mysticism, that opening of the spiritual portals is done by you alone. Both are valid paths. I had the experience of being initiated into the inner working group of Builders of the Adytum, and found that one external initiation quite important in my own spiritual development. I have traveled the path of the Hermit for most of my magical workings, but that initiation (which was Rosicrucian Masonic) gave me an external confirmation of what was going on internally for so very long. You may want to contact them and see if they still have a working lodge or study group here in Sacramento. I would recommend the Masonic lodge as a valid path, but few really understand its workings. The O.T.O. is another valid way, but you would have to really be connected to Aleister Crowley and the concept of Thelema to put up with the rigors of this order.

Happy that you are interested in gematria. Many people today are seeking a number code in English, but working in Hebrew can give so much deeper results. I recommend that you get a good Hebrew dictionary and start numbering words in the dictionary that attract your attention. I would also recommend that you pursue Greek as well. Get a Greek dictionary and do the same exercises as above. Also Latin used in Rosicrucian and Alchemical texts by way of the Cabala Simplex (A=1, Z=22) really dovetails into the Qabalistic metaphors that are hidden in Hebrew and Greek. Hebrew, Greek, and Latin seem to be the Rosicrucian fascination over the mystery of numbers. Their word AZOTH, meaning essence, was made up of the first and last letter of 3 magical alphabets: AZ Latin, AO Greek, and A TH Hebrew.

Andrew asked:

You specify in your book (in the eleventh key) an Enochian grade of the servants. Explain their function.

David Allen Hulse answered:

The servants from the Watchtowers are based on Kelley's visionary dream of each watchtower. They were excluded from Mathers own Enochian system. Kelley tells us that the servants held in their hands the spiral train of the Great Elemental King's flowing robes. As such they are the ten tangent squares which surround the central eight spiraling squares of the Great King. When you invoke the King of each watchtower, invoke the servants at the same time, for they support the spiral of the King.
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