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Andrew (from Russia) asked:

You write that in the Enochian system of the Golden Dawn there is no rank trumpeter. What is their function?

David Allen Hulse answered:

The Enochian trumpeter is unique to my own system of Enochian magick, based on the works of John Dee. This Enochian name of power was seen by Kelley in his original dream of the watchtowers. However, it was never introduced into the G.D. system by Mathers.
The trumpeter announces the entrance of the King into the center of the watchtower. As such, he is the two lettered mantra that appears at the center of the watchtower. Since the trumpeter is connected to sound, this two lettered formula, when chanted, opens up the watchtower's power from the exact center of each magic square of 156 letters. The two lettered formula should be chanted as two separate letters. Its sounding announces the entrance of the King who spirals at the center of the Watchtower.

Mabon asked:

I've researched (some) the Enochian system on the Internet and have come across more than a few negative opinions about Gerald and Betty Schuelers work.  I want to start studying the how to's of the system and have a good and accurate grasp of it before I even think about attempting anything in ritual. Can you recommend a reliable and accurate source for the "how to" aspects of the Enochian system?

David Allen Hulse answered:

The Scheulers have written much on the Enochian System. They have an Enochian workbook which is the only "how to" guide I am aware of. I feel that their second book was indeed the best of their series: An Advanced Guide to Enochian Magic (1987, Llewellyn). However, I feel that much of what they have written isn't truly authentic Enochian material. I was disappointed with their Enochian Tarot, and the books on Enochian Yoga and Enochian Physics are not worth pursuing. My honest opinion on Enochian is that it is a dangerous system for the beginner. I know of one researcher who committed suicide because the inconsistencies and weirdness of the squares with letters literally drove him crazy. I inherited copies of his own research at one time, and discovered that he did not completely understand the pattern behind the Enochian watchtowers. The reason I included Enochian in my own work was to help those beginning students completely understand the makeup of the 4 Watchtowers. There is no more accurate lettering of the Watchtowers than the eleventh key in my second book. So what I would suggest to you, is, no matter what book you pursue, use my own lettered squares for your own protection. The Enochian language is an artificial language with a surviving vocabulary of about 1000 words which is really not enough to be literate (5000 is a good count towards literacy). The grammar was faked in the original. I think Dee made up the language, rather than Kelley receiving it in trance. The angels in the Enochian system are really demonic forces posing as angels. That is why the eminent Golden Dawn magician, Paul Foster Case, removed Enochian from his own brand of Golden Dawn magic. Enochian has a real kick to the subconscious. That is why so many beginners on the path of magic take up Enochian. Regardie warns that the beginning student should pursue Enochian last. Interesting, Enochian is the first true instance of crystals used as magic in the western tradition and linked to angels. Much ahead of the New Age fascination with crystals. But I understand your desire to pursue this line of magic, and I would like to recommend the best of the books on the subject to you: Causaubon, Meric- A True and Faithful Relation of What Passed for Many Years between John Dee and some Spirits (Askin, 1974).- this is the book to buy. It is real records of Dee's own diaries. Save up your money for it is around 100 dollars, but it is the most authentic source possible. James, Geoffrey- Enochian Evocation (Llewellyn)-This was originally published by Heptangle press. It is a scholarly version of a how to book on Enochian magic. I recommend this one highly, much more authentic than Scheuler. Turner, Robert- Elizabethan Magic.(Elements)-another accurate rendition of all that is Enochian. Very good source book. Laycok, Donald- The Complete Enochian Dictionary (Askin)- the only Enochian dictionary published. Reliable. Deacon, Richard- John Dee (Frederich Muller, 1968)- Impossible to find, long out of print, but the definitive biography of Dee. Samuel Weiser is about to print THE HIEROGLYPHIC MONAD. Get that as well.
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