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Lori asked:

I just had a random thought that I wanted to shoot out to you... I was thinking about dying, how, if I died tomorrow, I would have nothing to show for it really, and how I hope that I leave some sort of positive mark on the world before I go, and I was thinking about, if you write a book, for example, it is something that can last into the future, perhaps to a time when you are reincarnated. and I was wondering, do you think that you have, in your past lives, ever like, written a letter to yourself in that fashion? like, left yourself some clues, or hints, or, to make sure to remind yourself of something in the future? It made me wonder if I should take a look and see, study some things, see if I might have left anything for myself.

David Allen Hulse answered:

What a wonderful random thought you entertained. I do believe you could write a book in a past life and come back in another life and recognize the spirit of the message. Believe it or not I had that feeling more than once when I was reading all these books that were written from 1860 to 1900 in England on magic and mysticism. You are so right in terms of dying and wasting the time given here for you. What is our time given here for anyway? I have really been thinking about this one for a long time. I think that we have one, single purpose here in life, but that purpose is lost on the world. What is that purpose? To discover "God" as best you can on your own terms, in your own way. Once you make a positive identification (it could take years, especially in American culture) then your next big step in life is to honor that concept daily. You know how you can really be wired on someone when you first fall head over heels in love. When touch is the most fantastic form of communication. When just seeing a part of your lover's body is like seeing a beautiful piece of art. Well, that erotic intoxication is something you really need for God. But it can't be faked. It has to come from within. If you can do any work in this direction in this lifetime, then you have accomplished much. You not only made a mark on this world now, but you improve your next incarnation dramatically. It is all about love. It is all about turning within and finding that spiritual love you really have for God. Even if you can't image God, you can still try this trick. The next time you do make love, as you are caressing your lover or being caressed, pretend that it is God that you are making love with. See God in that other person and you can eventually see God in yourself. It is the same unconditional love you once had for your mother before you ever learned to speak or even think with words.
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