Key to the cube of creation
The following poem, The Cube of Creation, combines the two major cosmological models for the Tarot, the Tree of Life and the Cube of Space, as a single stream of creation.  This creation story shows the flow of energy from the unformed void to the establishment of the four elements of fire, water, air and earth in physical space.

The unfolding of the cube in the various directions in space can be applied directly to the basic components that make up the Tree of Life, known as the sephiroth (the number series one throughten).

When I first began my studies of the Cube of Space, I searched for a yardstick that could order the various parts of the Cube.  That yardstick became the Tree of Life, and more specifically, the planetary order of the sephiroth.

When I applied the order to the cube, the path of initiation opened up to my intense study, which the main topic for my book, New Dimensions for the Cube of Space.

This poem uses the creation of a cube as a cosmological model of the universe.  It starting point is the concept of the void known as the AIN SOPH AUR, the limitless light that is potential in the void.

Thislight illuminates the stars and the planets in the night sky, and forms the building blocks of all of creation, the four elements that ends in the tenth sephirah known as MALKUTH (the kingdom).
                                    CUBE OF CREATION  
0.    Before creation of this world, God shrouded a jet-black obsidian cube, with rough edges and unpolished faces, in an endless expanse of empty velvet-black space. This obsidian cube was set on one of its corners forming an oblong black diamond slowly rotating on its own axis.

00.   Expanding into the far reaches of this deep, black space, the twelve rough edges of this obsidian cube, whose dimensions were without end, flashed with sparks of fire, as these twelve edges were chiseled smooth by light etched into darkness.

000. Then, in a burst of white light, this black obsidian cube was transformed into a clear crystal of six perfectly polished faces, as a coal is transformed into a brilliant diamond by the secret fire of alchemy, and light without end was sent forth into the six directions of space.

1.    From the center of this crystal temple, a bright light burned from a single, concentrated source. From this central point, three dimensions expanded into six squared faces that were bordered by twelve planed edges.

2.    These twelve edges expanded into the infinite night sky as the stars of the zodiac, resplendent with all the colors of the rainbow. The twelve rays of the rainbow illuminated the twelve edges of the cube as red in the Northeast, red-orange in the Southeast, orange in East Above, yellow-orange in East Below, yellow in North Above, yellow-green in North Below, green in Northwest, blue-green in Southwest, blue in West Above, blue-violet in West Below, violet in South Above, and red-violet in South Below.

3.   Bordered by these star-studded edges, the seven planets in their ancient order were then placed, one by one, in this cube of light. First, Saturn was set in the exact center of the cube, emitting a beautiful blue-violet light.

4.   Next Jupiter, with its luxurious violet hue, was set in the sunset face of the cube that is the West.

5.   Then the fiery scarlet flames of Mars lit up the star-speckled midnight black sky of the North.

6.   The bright light of the Sun followed in all its orange brilliance, and was set into orbit in the noonday sky of the South, filling the clear blue sky with brilliant golden swirls of light.

7.   The exquisite emerald-green glow of Venus was then placed in the dawning light of the East, as a herald of the rising sun.

8.   Then the height of the heavens was sealed with the bright yellow radiance of Mercury.

9.   The depth of the abyss was sealed with the lush bluish light of the Moon.

10. Last, the three elements of air, water, and fire spanned the interior of the cube's yellow-hued height, blue-hued breadth, and red-hued width, and combined in the blue-black center to form the fourth hidden element of earth, completing the cycle of twenty-two components of the Cube of Space.                                                           
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