Website Idea -

Summary - My final project will be creating a website for my brother’s SEO freelance business.

Content - The resulting page will include a landing site, information about his business, services, and prices, as well as contact feature. Stock images from any royalty free database will suffice

Competition - ~ Nice landing page with easy to read graphics and good color pallette choice that lead you to continue scrolling. Little took much text after first scroll. ~ Great Landing page with awesome color pallette. Great use of animated graphics. Buttons are very good. When scrolling down, modules are little too big for preference. ~ Nice simple landing page with no distractions. Good info that leads right to contact info. Not a fan of the green color scheme, but good break from noisy color. ~ Nice page with great image header on the landing page. Very clean and black/orange combo is great. Contact setup is not great. Kind of hard to find. ~ Not sure about this one. Color scheme mediocre and header picture is mediocre. Clear contact method though. ~ Appreciate the landing page isn't too big, but this one is most crowded of all. Otherwise, not a terrible page that is very direct.

Purpose - This site will be made for business in the Southern Utah area that are looking for SEO work. Once they google SEO services in the area, this page will hopefully stand out by being visually appealing, and direct and efficient in it's delivery of information.

Desired Results - Ideally, users would visit the site already wanting SEO services. They will visit our landing page that will draw their attention and use formatting to keep them looking at the info they need. Once set, they will give contact info to us and we will contact them.

Target Audience - The visitors to this site will be Southern Utah business owners with a prexisting website that wants SEO work done. Ideally they will be small to medium size businesses locally. If they are larger businesses, they will most likely use a national SEO service.