Website Idea - A place for people to go to find out who is running for electorial seats in Washington Country.

Summary - People who are interested in who is running for electorial seats in Washington county can go to the site and know who is, and find out unbaised information regarding each canidate.

Content - The site will contain all municipalities with up and coming electorial seats, and canidates running. I will get the information from calling each city directly. I would include images of those running for office, along with text of their bios, mission statements, and websites if provided.

Competition - Washington County government is the only competitor that I'm aware of, but the site is very large and covers so many topics, that it makes finding information quite difficult. The information may seem incomplete or not very accessable.

Purpose - To help voters know where to go to find unbaised information about the upcoming elections, and to bring awareness to those interested in running for office. It would be independent and not based on party politics.

Desired Results - More educated voters, and better turn out for people running for office, along with a happy mom.

Target Audience - General public(mostly those interested in voting or running). And my mom, and her colleagues.