Website Idea - Strictly Gaming

Summary - A website to do with gaming. A Place where people can buy and sell anything to do with gaming. This can be anything from console gaming to vr gaming. This website would hopefully help people find what they need easily.

Content - The content that will be ob my website will be all gaming content. Customers will be able to buy games, gaming parts, and parts to make your gaming experience more enjoyable, and sellers can put up any of the things listed

Competition - is a pretty big competetor site. Wish has almost anything that you can think of on their site. Anything being sold has an image related to it. The colors are mostly white and blue. The site shows the most popular things and there is a search bar to find anything. I dont like how many times I have gotten scammed on wish. Ebay is another site that is competition. Ebay is a site where you can buy or sell really anything. The layout of the site shows the most popular things on the front and things on sale. There is a search bar so you can look certain items up. There are images related to anything being sold. There are many colors being used but mostly white. Amazon is the biggest competetor. There is really everything you could want being sold on amazon. There are popular items on the front and movies you can get on amazon prime. There are images related with things being sold. Amazon is mostly white black and yellow.

Purpose - This site will help users easily find any items they need as long as it falls under the category of gaming. The site should be buit to condense a site into only one genre.

Desired Results - I would like users to use my site to buy and sell gaming producst. The goal is to help people have an easy to use shopping site for gaming.

Target Audience - People that will visit the site are people interested in gaming. This can be people that want to buy a game or people who look to upgrade a gaming pc. They can be from anywhere in the world, they are mostly going to be above the age of 10, they can be any gender, and my demographics are anyone above the age of 10 mostly.