Website Idea - Lazy Banking

Summary - Changing your billing to a new card with a press of a button.

Content - It will contain many functions, the main thing being the ability to automatically change your automatic billing address very easily.

Competition - 3 Competitors: Stripe Billing, Spiff, Workato. They all look very easy to read and easy to use. They are "decorated" nicely and look nice too.They have similar functions, since I can't find anything that specifically does what mine does.

Purpose - Based on things I have heard from other people, a business like this will make your life 10x easier. There is nothing like it that I can find. You know when you get your card hacked and now you have to manually set up all your automatic billing and such? With my app, you can do that with just typing in your new card information and it handles the rest.

Desired Results - Easy ways to redo your automatic billing on a number of sites and things.

Target Audience - Anyone who owns a debit/credit card.