Website Idea - Music and Beyond

Summary - This site will allow people of all musical talents to gain more skill, or to purchase instruments and accessories. Allows for the easiest access possible to all things music.

Content - Site will contain instruments ranging from guitar to piano. Images will be provided through third party sources, and if possible, through myself.

Competition - Primary competition will be brought upon by Guitar Center. I love how easy it is to navigate around that site. They have a very simplistic design. Primarily a red and white color scheme. One other competitor is Fender. I like how Fender is primarily focused on one group of people, however, that could also be a negative. Fender's site is primarily white.

Purpose - This site is intended to reach to as many people as possible and still provide a very professional experience that can be found with top providers.

Desired Results - The goal is to get as many people to become interested in music, and to get those people playing as soon as possible. I want users to use this site to spark an interest in them, and then make the final push to pursue that interest.

Target Audience - Any and all of those who want to pursue a hobby, interest, or even a career in the music industry. Reach people across the globe and those of all age demographics.