Website Idea - No stress thinking about recipe

Summary - This site will be about telling how to cook and suggesting today's cooking plan. Therefore, you don't need to annoying about what meal should you cook.

Content - one week calender choose the category (meat, fish) cooking recipe cooking time

Competition - Rakuten recipe I like this site divides 3 category of recipes easy recipes, money saving recipes, and perfect nuturition recipes. But I dislike this site is difficult to get ingredient. Ajinomoto park I like this site coler and picture. Moreover, I like the fact that this site lists health recipes for each symptom. However, I dislike commercial layout.

Purpose - Because it's hard to think of a meal menu every day.

Desired Results - I want to see my recipe, and reduce the stress.

Target Audience - The target of my site is housewives in their 20 to 40.