Website Idea -

Summary - would be a hub for both professional and casual runners to share info, read articles, and explore the distance running world

Content - would feature articles/training plans/workouts written by elite distance runners, as well as a moderated forum for people to discuss current topics. the website would also feature training plan generators, pace calculators, and other tools to help distance runners achieve their goals.

Competition - The two main distance running websites i am familar with are, and, letsrun hosts some very good articles about the pro running world, but the user generated content/message boards are downright toxic. fastrunning blog has a lot more running calulators/tools that are very useful but the website doesn't look like it's been updated since the 90's

Purpose - My hope is that would help it's daily visitors gain interest in the growing sport of distance running, as well as help them achieve their goals with the professionally generated content and tools

Desired Results - Desired results of this website would be for it to become a staple of making training plans/calculating paces. Also for it to become a respected forum and place for professional runners to have a platform to interact with fans and share their knowledge

Target Audience - Distance running is a sport and hobby shared by people of all ages, races, and genders so it would be less about a target demographic and more about a target psychographic. Obviously the target psychographic would be anyone interested in distance running and runners of all skill levels.