Website Idea - New Kings Cross Clothing

Summary - A Clothing Brand Site, For Advertizing and Selling the Designs of myself and creators of the brand.

Content - Site will contain designs and mockups of clothing, if/when designs become reality, real photos will be provided, either modeled or un-modeled.

Competition - Other Cult Clothing brands and Startups. Notably such as blvck (who makes great clothing, but lacks variety in style to make up for only having a one color motif.) and unitedprojectny (Who is a startup and is doing great with their websites look and feel, but could be improved for ease of acess a little more) Both websites are viewable by adding a domain name tag com.

Purpose - Users should care about the focus of the site because that is the thing you are trying to get across to them quite simply. A site should be built for this because it is the most effective way for someone to view a product without being able to visit a physical store.

Desired Results - I would like users to be able to comment on designs as they come out, as well as upon completion/ in the event of completion of an item, for them to be able to purchase it through the site.

Target Audience - Teenagers, both American and Foreign, who are interested in modern clothing designs and possible products.