Website Idea -

Summary - Content, scheduling, and more for my good friend Mason Fiefia whom has a side buisness of doing DJ gigs for parties and other events.

Content - Some of the content will contain clips of past events. Calendar tabs and scheduling sections for booking. Pricing. Most of the images and information will come directly from Mason himself in order to encompass the website around him and his business schedule.

Competition - Utah Event DJ: I like the tabs that are available, giving the page a wide amount of accessible information for customers. The picture choices don't blend well with the layout of the page. Multiple fonts look to be used making the pages seem a bit unorganized. Reeverb Entertainment: The feature that first jumps out to me is the adding of customer reviews in quotes on their main page. The vibe of the page is very cool and I like ability to send a quick message directly to them for questions and concerns.

Purpose - Right now this business is very local and only used for friends and people who have known Mason through friendships and being a family member. I want to broaden his audience in order to make this more of a full time thing for my friend. The only advertising that is done so far is from his personal instagram account and I think having a page and links to resources detailing his profession will help market this more that just social media posts.

Desired Results - The biggest thing I want users to do on this site is be able to see Mason in action so they know that they will be getting a good service when they book him to dj. I also want this to make his weekend scheduling easier so that there is not conflicts when it comes to events aligning with each other.

Target Audience - At the beginning, the target audience is going to be high school and college students. This include school organized events, student parties, and other activities that are participated in by people this age. Mostly parties and events like it.