Website Idea -

Summary - This site is designed to take different pictures of celebrity outfits and recommend cheaper alternatives.

Content - The pictures come from photoshoot and paparazzi photos on the web, while clothing recommendations will come from different websites.

Competition -
Famous outfits takes style ideas from different celebrities and designs an outfit for every occasion. Though well-designed, the site doesn't pull specific pictures of outfits. I do like the formatting of the page, though. It's clean and well-organized, so outfits are easy to find.
Unlike Famous outfits, StealHerStyle does use specific outfits to find clothing that matches. However, the layout is a bit lacking. The pages don't provide alternate sources for clothing, but rather the exact copy of the clothes. I want a website that provides cheaper alternatives that anyone can afford.
This website also seems to be lacking colour, so it ends up looking quite plain.

Purpose - Many people claim that you have to be rich to look good, let alone expensive. This website is designed with the purpose to give people a way to feel sharp and clean without breaking the bank.

Desired Results - I want people to be able to come to this website and find outfits they're looking for at a reasonable price.

Target Audience - My target audience is those who follow celebrities as well as those invested in fashion and looking well-dressed. This includes many ages, but my main target is between 18-35.